Friday, June 25, 2010

26 weeks and "She" finally has a name!

I can't believe I turned 26 weeks this past Tuesday. This pregnancy has just flown by, probably due to my 2 year keeping me busy and not letting me get too many breaks! Micah Claire is so excited about her baby sister coming in just a few short weeks. I was always afraid I would never enjoy or be as excited by a second pregnancy because it wouldn't be a new experience like the 1st one. But seeing Micah Claire's excitement and watching her give my belly kisses and tickling my belly is a new joy and makes this pregnancy even more special than the 1st. And in the last week she and Shawn can now feel and see her kick in my belly and it's AWESOME!

Mommy and M.C.

As Daddy was taking our picture I said, I don't have any real belly pictures yet. And before I could even say anything else my wonderful husband took this picture. Real funny isn't it! LOL

Luckily he took one with a little more of a profile!
If you don't' know... we are like to keep the names we consider and finally pick a complete secret until we both agree 100% on a name. I can't stand when people say; "oh I don't like that name" or "I like this one better than this one" I DRIVES ME NUTS!!!!!! I want to scream EXCUSE me this our child; if you like a certain name or don't like ours..... please feel to have your own kid and use your name!! But I bite my tongue and refrain from doing it; most of the time! LOL
So we couldn't decide if we wanted to stick with "M" theme in names or not. The only other girl "M" name we liked was Mallory but we also liked Kinley. So the Friday before we left for Gulf Shores we ( and by we I mean I was out voted 2 to 1) made a decision to name her......
But we couldn't decide if her middle name would be.......

So we have spent the last 3 weeks debating back and forth.... okay maybe debating isn't accurate at all. Shawn and Micah Claire both voted for Grace as her middle name But I was voting for.....ElizabethI felt since they picked Kinley I should at least get to pick the middle name.... so she full name will be.........

I didn't mean for M.C.'s feet to get in this picture; but when I got home and downloaded it I loved it. To me it looks like Kinley's big sister is standing guard over her! My Papaw Stoner past away exactly a year ago and his name was Kenneth Edwin. So it warms my heart that my little girl and my papaw will share the same initals....K.E.!!!!
M.C. is still set on her middle name being Grace so she tells everyone who asks that her sister's name is Kinley Grace. I always laugh and say in a silly voice, that is NOT YOUR SISTER'S NAME!!! She laughs and says..... Mommy calls her Kinely Elizabeth but I call her Kinley Grace. And sometimes out of no where she shake my belly and say "wake up Grace" or "come out Grace." It's now becoming a running joke in our family that this baby's name is Grace.
Yesterday we had a staff meeting and they surprised me with a baby shower! My boss made me 2 burp clothes with the Kinley's name on them. These are the first monogrammed things we have gotten and it tickles me to finally get to see her name on something!!

I'm not really into the cowgirl/western theme but they are so stinking cute!!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Trim, A Sting, A Party.... Phewwww what a weekend!

We started our Friday off with a trim at the Hair Shack. Micah Claire did so good this time. She didn't move one time and I didn't even have to get out a sucker to bribe her!!! Then we came home for our morning snack. We finally got a watermelon; our first one of the season!!! I was so excited... I've been craving it like crazy and couldn't find a decent looking anyone anywhere.

Don't let this "pre-watermelon eating" picture fool you..... She didn't care for the watermelon at all! Two bites and she was done with it. She loved them last year.. but not so much this year.

On Thursday Daddy turned the BIG THIRTY!!!!!! He had a meeting in Little Rock on Thursday and Friday so he had to spend the night away from home. So we really didn't get to do much on his birthday. But on Friday afternoon M.C. and I went and got him some balloons!

She was smitten with them!

"Old as Dirt"... yep that's what that balloon says. And now if you ask M.C how old Daddy is she'll say old as dirt and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the face when I told her Daddy was pulling in the drive way; too cute!

She was so excited she couldn't wait for him to get inside. She ran to door to show him his surprise!

He was so happy and she was soooo very proud of herself. But after she showed Daddy the balloons she demanded "her balloons back!" And they've been hers ever since! LOL

On Saturday afternoon we were out side playing on her swing set and one of my most dreaded fears occurred......... she got stung. I have so dreaded this day; almost even worried myself sick about this day. I've always feared when she got stung that she might have an anaphylactic reaction to it.

I think it was a wasp that stung her because I've seen a few flying around here and there; but they've never really bothered us. She climbed up 2 steps towards towards her slide and then screamed bloody murder. The kind of scream that as a mother you instantly know something really bad is wrong; your heart stops beating and you can't even swallow. I jumped up from the swing about the time she was jumping off her ladder and I caught her. I couldn't get her to clam down and tell what happened and where it happened at. I think I shook her till she calmed down..... She finally, threw huge tears, said something bit me on my hand. I looked and sure enough she had a little red dot on her hand. I immediately started running (as fast as a 6 month pregnant woman can in 100 degree weather; carrying a 30 pound kid) to get Shawn. Thank God he is calm and level headed during times like this, because I turn into an emotional blubbering idiot! He made me take her inside, put ice on it and immediately give her Benedryl. I just kept waiting and waiting for her to have a terrible reaction but THANK GOD she never did!

I took this picture about 10 minutes after it stung her. I thought it that would be the most it did; but much to my surprise it got so dang big her pinkey swelled up and she couldn't even close her hand to make a fist.

So we put more ice on it and that helped some. And of course she had to prop her hand up on her Razorback pillow while I baked her some tator tots (because she told me it would make her feel better and I feel for it! ;) ) After lunch and and 3 hour nap, her hand had returned to its normal size.
Then Saturday night my family threw Shawn a 30th Birthday party.

M.C. was more than willing to help daddy open his present.

She was told it was a new TV b/c this child CAN'T keep a secret; so she was really shocked when they opened it and it was a new STIHL Blower!

Oh and then came her favorite part... helping Daddy blow out his candles!

And we had to re-light then and do it again just to appease her! LOL

Then came the ice cream! And she dug right in; it was the quietest she was all night!

That's one happy girl!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Last Day in Gluf Shores

Thursday we drove to Orange Beach and did some shopping at The Warf. Then we hit the beach for a few pictures. I mean what's a trip to the beach with out the white shirt, khaki short pictures... ya know the ones everybody in the world takes! I got 2 good pictures in before...... her dancing bug kicked in....

and in some more.....

and even more.. if ya can imagine!
Then came me chasing my child down...... story of my life!

Too sweet! M.C. giving her sissy a big kiss! Me and my cuddle bug

This is probably my most favorite picture of me and M.C. EVER!

Day Four in Gulf Shores

Wednesday we hit the beach again for a few hours.

M.C. had a blast making sand castles!

And I finally got to take a picture of her by her name!

After lunch we came in, took a nap, showered and headed to the Tanger Outlet Mall! One of the best places in the world!!!!

I tired to get a picture of Nana and M.C. but as you can tell they would have rather had a tickle match than take a cute picture. Oh well... it's still cute and priceless to this momma!

Day Three In Gulf Shores

Tuesday morning, after getting all sun-screened up we hit the beach again!

She would finally get into the water up to her knees without freaking out.Cousin Lori showed up on Tuesday with Kites for the girls. Once Aunt Declan showed M.C. what to do she loved it. Just seconds after this picture the girls got their kites tangled up and they were not happy campers!
After only 30 mins on the beach little Ms. Sunshine fell apart. I picked her up and rocked her for about 10 seconds and she was out like a light. She slept for almost 3 hours out on the beach...... can you say relaxing!!!!
I had no idea she would sleep so long; so I wrote her name in the sand in hopes that she would wake and take a picture by her name. But by the time she woke the waves had washed it away.