Friday, June 4, 2010

33 months

WOW I finally posted on the exact day my child turns 33 months old! Yea for me!! I can't believe in 3 short months my baby will officially be a THREE YEAR OLD; that is almost unbelievable! And on top of that baby girl #2 will be here. I can't imagine what life will be like with 2 kids!

We got home late last night from our week long vacation in Gulf Shores. (I've got tons of pictures to post; hopefully I'll get them up sometime this weekend!) Micah Claire couldn't wait to get home and jump on her trampoline. So we spent 3 hours on the trampoline this morning. To say this child LOVES her trampoline is nothing short of an understatement. Most of our biggest fits occur when she has to get off her trampoline. So I thought it was very fitting to take her 33 month pics on her trampoline. My little camera ham!She loves to do forward rolls and back-hand springs (with a spot of course)My toe touching girl; I think she does 500 a day!And finally a pretty one with her face up! LOVE IT!!!Then a pike jump

She was so excited to be back on her trampoline that she didn't even want to get down for snack time... so we just had it on the trampoline.
And we keep lots of COLD water on hand for my little sweaty monkey!