Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Tip to Granny's and Day One in Gulf Shores

Last Saturday we packed up and headed out of Arkadoo (but not before we took a few pics)!

We drove 3 hours to Granny Stoner's house! Micah Claire had a blast playing with all her 1st cousins and 2nd cousins!

And what's a birthday party without balloons.

And of course she got to see her most favorite cousin.... Amy Jo!Melts my heart. I can't believe Amy Jo is going to be a senior this year.. dang time flys.And of course we had to take some pics in Granny's Pecan trees. Too stinking cute!
Late that afternoon we loaded up again and drove to Aunt Declan's house in Jackson Mississippi. Then bright and early Sunday morning we loaded up and drove the rest of the way to Gulf Shores. I must brag and say that my child was WONDERFUL during her car ride! I was so impressed; I was totally expecting SEVERAL meltdowns like she did last year.

She ran full steam head to beach! There was no stopping herJust sheer JOY!She had a blast playing with her cousin Gabrielle. She couldn't get enough of the sand.... needless to say it wound up in EVERY crevasses in her body (TMI... I know)!
Raking the sand... followed by.......
accidentally swallowing and gagging on sand. I just couldn't help but laugh at her!