Monday, July 5, 2010

34 months on the 4th of July!

We spent this long 4th of July weekend at our camper on DeGray Lake. We got up really early Saturday morning and headed to Brushy Creek. As soon as we hit the long windy back roads, Daddy rolled down the windows and cranked up the music. I looked it the mirror and saw my girl smiling and dancing and couldn't resist taking this picture!

Uncle Eric and Aunt Ashley bought M.C. a new (HUGE) water soaker. And of course she just loved it. (And let me just add.....I so can't wait till they have kids because pay back is going to be soooo sweet!)
Look at that little devilish smile!
As you can see Nana and and Aunt Ashley were her first set of victims.

And poor Aunt Ashley got even more due to Uncle Eric's egging M.C. on! Thank goodness she's such a good sport! M.C. getting ready to head out on the lake; glasses-check; Dora hat-check; water gun-check... lets role out!M.C. Loving the boat ride!
My two knuckle headsShe was so tickled that she almost tipped her daddy over!M.C. had a blast watching Nana, Uncle Eric, Daddy and Aunt Ashley playing Bag-o. After the big kids got threw playing Daddy showed her how to play and she loved it!Look at that perfect toss!She made several shots... beginners luck I'm sure, ha!Me and My GirlFamily Picture time. M.C. riding her Tinkerbell 4 power-wheels to the potty with Poppa!M.C. loved the tub in the camper. She kept asking me why is tub so small and who made this small tub!Your future American Idol! LOL

Sunday we took a picnic lunch out on the boat.A little water up the nose; LOL!My little water lover!CheeseWhen we got back from the lake, Nana had the hammock all set up and M.C. could wait to see what it was all about.
And this is about how these next few pictures went......Hey Dad can I get in with you.... oh sure dear come on over!OMG be careful M.C. don't tump me over......Okay.... we finally made it.... oh no be very still or we're gonna roll of the other side! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! And then 10 seconds later she was ready to get up.
No we haven't converted to Hinduism..... this is just where my child decided it was best to wipe her hands after she ate a few Oreos. :)This pictures just cracks me up! We got so tired of taking M.C. to the potty that we told her if she had to go bad enough she could just go out in the grass and sure enough she took us up on the offer. She kept trying to figure out how to do it without getting herself wet; so finally her Daddy came to the rescue. He got so tickled as her... as you can tell from the picture! Around 8:30 Sunday night we loaded up and headed out to watch the fireworks on the lake. Micah Claire turned 34 months on the 4th of July and what a better to ring that in than with a firework show.

M.C. watching the fire works from the back of the boat. Looks like the flash blinded her!

Me and Aunt Ashley get kept getting in trouble for taking pictures of the fire works; apparently our flashes were blinding people (party poopers;LOL!)

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!