Friday, July 16, 2010

Special Delivery and new pics of Kinley

When we got home from Gymnastics last night we had a package waiting on our back door step. I said Micah Claire the mail man brought us a special delivery today and she just lite up and started clapping. She instantly said, is it for Sissy's room (can you tell we've had a lot of stuff for the room delivered, ha!) I told her I thought they were the letters that Ms. Courtney had made for Kinley's room. She jumped out of the car, grabbed the box and headed straight for the couch. As I heading over to the couch she said MOM get the scissors there's a lot of tape on here!When we got the box open she said oh Momma Ms. Courtney sent me a card! I just giggled and asked her what Ms. Courtney said in the card, and this is what I got: Dear Micah Claire I hope you have a wonderful birthday; love Ms.Courtney! I just about wet my pants when she said that!Then she went back to digging in the box and I heard a loud squeal. I said what is it M.C. and she said; Oh Momma she sent me some big bubbles! Cracked me right up! Then she finally got to the letters. She was tearing the paper up so fast I was so afraid she was going to hurt the letters.

I said oh what letter is that... and she said... It's a Y! LOL

I said oh what is that M.C..... it's an A momma! Poor kids she's got a lot to learn before Kindergarten; lol!

Then we lined them all up. I don't know who was happier me or M.C.! They are perfect and I can't wait to get the hung in the nursery!!!!!

Tuesday one of our high risk OB patients didn't keep her appointment, so my friend Lynn said girl get up here you can have her appointment time; LUCKY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got to see my little Kinley; isn't' she precious! She weighed 3#2oz and was perfect.

This child yawned 20 times in 10 minutes; bless her heart I guess she was worn out . I couldn't believe how wide she could open her mouth; it honest to God looked like her face was splitting in half; thank goodness it really wasn't!


Burtons Blessings said...

Awe, how cute! Tell Micah Claire I said hello and I am so glad you both like the letters! Can't wait to see them in the room!