Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We're getting ready....

Today I am officially 29 weeks! I still can't believe that Kinley will be here in 11 short weeks. When I was pregnant with Micah Claire I had her done months before she arrived.... but not so much this time. Last weekend we finally emptied the guest bedroom out and started working on sissy's room! The Former Guest room...

Daddy taping off the room and as you can tell M.C. was beside herself with excitement! She wanted to help daddy sooooo bad... and you can see how much daddy was enjoying/appreciating her help; ha!

Daddy is becoming such the great painter; he doesn't even need the ceilings taped off; he can cut in that paint like a pro!
Room it's time to assemble the new bed!

Ta-da it's put together and I LOVE the dark espresso wood!

Then it was time for the bedding! M.C. was beside her self at this point; she kept asking "is sissy coming?!" Bless her heart she is so ready to meet her baby sister!
I am still looking for a chair and a dresser for the room; hopefully I find them soon! The curtains should be ready very soon! And I found a wonderfully creative girl, Courtney, to make the letters for Kinley's room. She sent me a picture of a few of letters last week and they looked amazing; I so cant wait to see them! If you need any kind of art work you should check her out; I don't think there's anything she can't do!
And this weekend we had some family maternity pictures done at Burns Park in North Little Rock. I have to say my friend Jessica did an amazing job and she's sooo easy to work with. She's put a few pictures up on her blog if ya wanna check them out:
I so can't wait to see the rest of them!


Misti S. said...

Love Love Love the canvas letters. She did an awesome job! You are gonnna have lots of help with MC.