Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The 9th Month!!!!!!

Today I officially turn 36 weeks WOO HOO!!!!!!!! I can't believe I can finally say I am 9 months pregnant. Don't get me wrong this pregnancy has flown by; but I am soooo ready for the end.
I am ready to:
*Stop hearing people say..... You haven't had that baby yet!!!!!!
* Meet Ms. Kinley
* See the look on Micah Claire's face when she finally gets to meet her little sister!!!!!
* See my feet again
* Get back to wearing clothes with buttons and zippers! Goodbye elastic waist bands!!
* Not wake 6 times a night feeling like I could pee a river... only to really pee a few drops
*Be able to make it through a sentence without having to stop and take a breath
* Bend over and pick up something off the floor like normal person
* Be able to get up off the floor without assistance from my hubby or a piece of near by furniture
*To go all day with NO BACKACHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Not cry over every news story or silly commercial I see (I think this is pretty high my the husband's list too ;LOL!)
* Get on a treadmill and RUN MY BUTT OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Never thought I'd missing running so much)
* See the numbers on my scale go down instead of up :)

This is Kinley at 33 weeks. As you can tell my husband took this picture and still hadn't really figured out how to take a picture; sorry honey, but you suck at photography; don't quit your day job!
But I have to say this morning he did better! Maybe in these last 3-4 weeks we might actually get a good one; ha! This is Kinley at 36 weeks; can ya tell I'm getting bigger. If you can't please see your local optometrist immediately;LOL! I swear I am getting bigger by the minute these days. But, I am not near as big as I was with M.C. at this point. My OBGYN is very optimistic that this baby is much smaller than she was; THANK GOD!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

No longer my Claire

Back in May when Micah Claire started Ms. Mae's a little boy kept calling her Micah Clara. She came home telling me this and that it was upsetting her. I told her he might have miss heard or miss understand her when she told him her name. I told her to nicely explain to him that her name is Micah Claire. The next day she told me that she told him her real name and he finally called her the right name!

Then a few weeks later her gymnastics teacher was replaced and the new teacher kept calling her Micah. This went on for several weeks and every night on the way home she would say.... Momma why does she call me Micah? I told her I didn't know, some people just don't understand that you have 2 names. I told her that if it upset her to be called that, she should nicely tell her teacher "my name is Micah Claire; please call me that!" The next week when her teacher called her Micah she looked at me and I said it's up to you to tell her. And..... much to my surprise she did it. She VERY politely said Ms. Kristen my name is Micah Claire! I was so proud of her! On the way home I told her how happy it made me that she acted so grown up and mature about telling her teacher her name! She said thanks mom! Then she proceeded that her Memaw was the only person in the whole wide world who could call her just Micah!

I call her Claire 99% of the time and her daddy's nick name for her is Claire Bear. WELL..... this morning when I was putting up groceries I decided to check on her and I called out "CLARIE!" She came walking in the back door and said yes Mam, I told her I was just checking in on her. She stood there for a second and then said..... Momma, please don't call me that. I said what are you talking about and she said please don't call me Claire, my name is Micah Claire. It took me by BIG surprise that she said this. I said Micah Claire, Mommy has always called you Claire. She said I know Mommy but that's not my name... my name is Micah Claire, would you please call me that! Yes...... she said it politely and so maturely but it just broke my heart and kinda crushed my spirit a bit. But I sucked it up and said Yes mam I will try to not call you Claire! :(
The heat wave of 100 plus temperatures finally broke 3 days ago and we've been outside enjoying it!Look at that flying hair....... we even got a few breezes! This big 9 month pregnant women is LOVING it and praying the heat doesn't return!

I got the buckets to use at her party next week and she can't stop playing in them. A house FULL of toys and she likes the big black buckets... kids..... go figure! I can't believe this time next week she will be 3 years old! We have a party at school next Friday and party here on Saturday so we'll have lots of pictures to share next weekend!

Claire...Claire Bear... Micah Claire; no matter what we call you, Mommy and Daddy love you more than life itself!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Then and Now

Friday I finally got around to getting all the baby stuff down and cleaned. Micah Claire has had a blast playing with all her old baby stuff.

Her she is getting her first bath. She screamed the entire time!
Here she is at almost 5 months old; sitting up like such a big girl. Man... it seems like that was just yesterday I tell ya!
Now almost 3 years to the day later she's back in her old tub!
My beautiful 2 week old baby in her bouncy seat sleeping so soundly!
M.C. at 3 months old playing with her first every present from Santa Clause!

Now.... almost toooo big to be sitting in it. Here she is in her old swing. She is loving this thing; she's been playing in it for 3 days straight. I hope the fascination wears off before Kinley gets here; or poor sister may never get her turn in it! (I couldn't find a picture of her as a baby in the swing; yikes!)And here she is in her 1st ever car seat; man has this girl grown. I still can't believe that in less than 2 weeks she will 3 years old; that just doesn't seem possible.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Sprinkle for Kinley

Yesterday some of my dearest friends threw Kinley a Sprinkle Shower! I had a blast celebrating the upcoming arrival of Kinley with my close friends and family. The hostesses: Shannon (with Cadie), Patrice, Me, Ashley, and Evelyn They did a great job with the decorations and food! It was all wonderful; I could not have asked for a better sprinkle shower!!!

Aunt Ashley, Me and Micah Claire

The world's best sister-in-law!!!!

I am so ready for this girls belly to be big and round like mine!!!!

Take one: M.C. not looking at camera; urr
Take two; Micah Claire has a great smile but Nana is talking; urrrMe and my non-smiling girl. Don't you just love my "K" corsage!! Ms. Shannon did an awesome job making it and my diaper cake!

I was so surprised my friend Callie drove down from Little Rock to attend Kinley's shower! I JUST LOVE HER!!!!!!!
And of course M.C. had to have her picture made with us!

Micah Claire with baby Ella; isn't she the prettiest baby you have EVER seen! I could just eat her up!

Kinley got some WONDERFUL gifts and I had a lot of help opening them all from M.C., Madalyn and Cadie!

A SUPER-DUPER cute basket filled with baby detergent from Memaw, Andrea, Michelle and Gina!
It even had Kinley's named monogrammed on it! TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!

Aunt Ashley surprised us with a Bow holder that she had Ms.Courtney make! Can you tell I was shocked!!!!

A Razorback onesie wind suit from Ms. Patrice; Woo Pig Sooie!!!!

A cute Pink and Brown Polk-A-Dot bag from Mimi and Aunt Mandee!

And check out these monogrammed bloomers from The Givens Family! I can't wait to see Kinley's cute little tush-ie in them!!!!!

A SUPER HIP "K" onesie from the Wade family! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!!!

And they also got Kinley some bunny slippers; ADORABLE!!! Micah Claire was so sad that they wouldn't fit her, LOL!
And here's the AWESOME bow holder that Aunt Ashley got Kinley! IT'S PERFECT!!!

"K" passy clip holder from Memaw, Andrea, Michelle and Gina!

These are the SUPER CUTE "Hog Wild" shirts that my dad and his wife got Micah Claire and Kinley! I can't wait to see them both in them!!!!
A close up of the "Hog Wild"

Super cute burp cloth my friend Emily got Kinleyand she also got her these precious red ribbon shoes! The are the cutest things EVER!!!

A monogrammed diaper bag and matching blanket from Ms. Kadre! Love em!

And I love this sweet little baby Gap outfit with matching shoes & hat that Ms. Callie got Kinley!

And we got a lot of diapers and wipes which is SUPER because we didn't have a one in the house before the sprinkle.
A big thanks to all our friends and family who came and celebrate this special day with us. And a big thanks for all the wonderful gifts they blessed us with.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

This Is It!!!!

I can't believe it's August, I mean where in the dang world has this year gone. And what's even crazier is that this is my last month to have a 2 year old and my last month to be a mom to only one. It's so almost unimaginable that in a few short weeks Micah Claire will be 3 years old and then a few weeks after that Kinley will be here. OMG!!!!!! I have a feeling these next few weeks are going to be non-stop, fast and furious. We've got baby showers, a nursery to finish up, a school birthday party and a home birthday party. Dear Lord I hope I can keep up.

Micah Claire is soooo into having her hair fixed these days. Whatever her girl classmates are doing we have to do too( pony tails, pig tails, headbands, side ponytails, the list goes on and on). Yesterday somebody had a braid so of course she came home asking for not just one braid but 2. It turned out soooooo cute!

My Sweet little girl; she looks so grown up these days :(Cheese!!!! Showing off her braids from the backside.

M.C. has had several birthday parties at her school this last month and she's loving all the goody bags she's getting. Right now she's crazy about the slinky she got from Jace's party.

Showing off her long slinky!

Monday, August 2, 2010

PJ's,Pigtails, and my bestest friend ever!

Last Friday it was wear your pj's to school day . All of Micah Claire's pj's are least long pants if not long sleeves too (we like it cold at night in our house!) There was no way I could send her in her normal pj's though due to the excessive heat we've been having. So.. that called for a special trip to Wal-Mart for some new pj's! And of course she went straight for the Dora ones; which is exactly what I figured she would do. This girl is a Dora The Explorer-a-holic!

And she asked for 2 pony tails instead of one; so we had pigtails to go with our pj's!
Shawn just recently spent 2 weeks in Dallas for some work/school stuff. And let me tell you M.C. missed him so dang much. Bless her heart, she would ask everyday "does daddy come home today?" And every time she talked to him on the phone she would beg him to come home and I know that had to be hard for him. But he finally got home late last week and this child has been glued to him ever since. She has to know where he's at every minute and wants him to do everything; i.e. read to her, sing to her, bath her, dress her, take her to school, pick her up from school. I am NOT complaining one bit about this either; after being a single mom for 2 weeks I'm loving the break. BUT..... one morning last week she came and got in your bed around 5:30am and cuddle up straight to him. Okay, that kinda stung a bit but I got over it. But the real sting came later that morning when woke up; she started rubbing his face and said I love you daddy; your my bestest friend ever. Then they both just looked at me and smiled. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have turned into chop liver these days.

Daddy brought her all kinds presents when he got home. He got her a blue and silver necklace that he got her at the new Dallas Cowboy's stadium, and he got her matching set of pink and purple necklaces, bracelets and rings. She has worn them all.... and yes by all I mean all 5 necklaces, all 3 bracelets and all 3 rings everyday since he's been home. We can't leave the house without them. And as you can see, we couldn't even get a picture without some of them.