Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The 9th Month!!!!!!

Today I officially turn 36 weeks WOO HOO!!!!!!!! I can't believe I can finally say I am 9 months pregnant. Don't get me wrong this pregnancy has flown by; but I am soooo ready for the end.
I am ready to:
*Stop hearing people say..... You haven't had that baby yet!!!!!!
* Meet Ms. Kinley
* See the look on Micah Claire's face when she finally gets to meet her little sister!!!!!
* See my feet again
* Get back to wearing clothes with buttons and zippers! Goodbye elastic waist bands!!
* Not wake 6 times a night feeling like I could pee a river... only to really pee a few drops
*Be able to make it through a sentence without having to stop and take a breath
* Bend over and pick up something off the floor like normal person
* Be able to get up off the floor without assistance from my hubby or a piece of near by furniture
*To go all day with NO BACKACHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Not cry over every news story or silly commercial I see (I think this is pretty high my the husband's list too ;LOL!)
* Get on a treadmill and RUN MY BUTT OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Never thought I'd missing running so much)
* See the numbers on my scale go down instead of up :)

This is Kinley at 33 weeks. As you can tell my husband took this picture and still hadn't really figured out how to take a picture; sorry honey, but you suck at photography; don't quit your day job!
But I have to say this morning he did better! Maybe in these last 3-4 weeks we might actually get a good one; ha! This is Kinley at 36 weeks; can ya tell I'm getting bigger. If you can't please see your local optometrist immediately;LOL! I swear I am getting bigger by the minute these days. But, I am not near as big as I was with M.C. at this point. My OBGYN is very optimistic that this baby is much smaller than she was; THANK GOD!!!!!!!!


Misti Strasner said...

I think you look beautiful!!! I am already sick of the scale moving in the wrong direction and I am only three months along. You know that look on MC's face is going to be priceless!