Saturday, August 28, 2010

No longer my Claire

Back in May when Micah Claire started Ms. Mae's a little boy kept calling her Micah Clara. She came home telling me this and that it was upsetting her. I told her he might have miss heard or miss understand her when she told him her name. I told her to nicely explain to him that her name is Micah Claire. The next day she told me that she told him her real name and he finally called her the right name!

Then a few weeks later her gymnastics teacher was replaced and the new teacher kept calling her Micah. This went on for several weeks and every night on the way home she would say.... Momma why does she call me Micah? I told her I didn't know, some people just don't understand that you have 2 names. I told her that if it upset her to be called that, she should nicely tell her teacher "my name is Micah Claire; please call me that!" The next week when her teacher called her Micah she looked at me and I said it's up to you to tell her. And..... much to my surprise she did it. She VERY politely said Ms. Kristen my name is Micah Claire! I was so proud of her! On the way home I told her how happy it made me that she acted so grown up and mature about telling her teacher her name! She said thanks mom! Then she proceeded that her Memaw was the only person in the whole wide world who could call her just Micah!

I call her Claire 99% of the time and her daddy's nick name for her is Claire Bear. WELL..... this morning when I was putting up groceries I decided to check on her and I called out "CLARIE!" She came walking in the back door and said yes Mam, I told her I was just checking in on her. She stood there for a second and then said..... Momma, please don't call me that. I said what are you talking about and she said please don't call me Claire, my name is Micah Claire. It took me by BIG surprise that she said this. I said Micah Claire, Mommy has always called you Claire. She said I know Mommy but that's not my name... my name is Micah Claire, would you please call me that! Yes...... she said it politely and so maturely but it just broke my heart and kinda crushed my spirit a bit. But I sucked it up and said Yes mam I will try to not call you Claire! :(
The heat wave of 100 plus temperatures finally broke 3 days ago and we've been outside enjoying it!Look at that flying hair....... we even got a few breezes! This big 9 month pregnant women is LOVING it and praying the heat doesn't return!

I got the buckets to use at her party next week and she can't stop playing in them. A house FULL of toys and she likes the big black buckets... kids..... go figure! I can't believe this time next week she will be 3 years old! We have a party at school next Friday and party here on Saturday so we'll have lots of pictures to share next weekend!

Claire...Claire Bear... Micah Claire; no matter what we call you, Mommy and Daddy love you more than life itself!


Anonymous said...

I can totally relate! My daughter has two names as well and hates when people don't say both! :)

Anonymous said...

We can relate too. Our daughter is named Sara Kate and people call her Sara all the time and it drives me NUTS!!!!! I can't wait till she's old enough to correct people on her own.


Anonymous said...

I don't know you but I love following your blog. My little girl is named Anna Claire and I can't stand when people call her Anna. Why is it so hard for people to call a child 2 names???