Monday, August 2, 2010

PJ's,Pigtails, and my bestest friend ever!

Last Friday it was wear your pj's to school day . All of Micah Claire's pj's are least long pants if not long sleeves too (we like it cold at night in our house!) There was no way I could send her in her normal pj's though due to the excessive heat we've been having. So.. that called for a special trip to Wal-Mart for some new pj's! And of course she went straight for the Dora ones; which is exactly what I figured she would do. This girl is a Dora The Explorer-a-holic!

And she asked for 2 pony tails instead of one; so we had pigtails to go with our pj's!
Shawn just recently spent 2 weeks in Dallas for some work/school stuff. And let me tell you M.C. missed him so dang much. Bless her heart, she would ask everyday "does daddy come home today?" And every time she talked to him on the phone she would beg him to come home and I know that had to be hard for him. But he finally got home late last week and this child has been glued to him ever since. She has to know where he's at every minute and wants him to do everything; i.e. read to her, sing to her, bath her, dress her, take her to school, pick her up from school. I am NOT complaining one bit about this either; after being a single mom for 2 weeks I'm loving the break. BUT..... one morning last week she came and got in your bed around 5:30am and cuddle up straight to him. Okay, that kinda stung a bit but I got over it. But the real sting came later that morning when woke up; she started rubbing his face and said I love you daddy; your my bestest friend ever. Then they both just looked at me and smiled. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have turned into chop liver these days.

Daddy brought her all kinds presents when he got home. He got her a blue and silver necklace that he got her at the new Dallas Cowboy's stadium, and he got her matching set of pink and purple necklaces, bracelets and rings. She has worn them all.... and yes by all I mean all 5 necklaces, all 3 bracelets and all 3 rings everyday since he's been home. We can't leave the house without them. And as you can see, we couldn't even get a picture without some of them.