Sunday, August 22, 2010

Then and Now

Friday I finally got around to getting all the baby stuff down and cleaned. Micah Claire has had a blast playing with all her old baby stuff.

Her she is getting her first bath. She screamed the entire time!
Here she is at almost 5 months old; sitting up like such a big girl. Man... it seems like that was just yesterday I tell ya!
Now almost 3 years to the day later she's back in her old tub!
My beautiful 2 week old baby in her bouncy seat sleeping so soundly!
M.C. at 3 months old playing with her first every present from Santa Clause!

Now.... almost toooo big to be sitting in it. Here she is in her old swing. She is loving this thing; she's been playing in it for 3 days straight. I hope the fascination wears off before Kinley gets here; or poor sister may never get her turn in it! (I couldn't find a picture of her as a baby in the swing; yikes!)And here she is in her 1st ever car seat; man has this girl grown. I still can't believe that in less than 2 weeks she will 3 years old; that just doesn't seem possible.


Anonymous said...

Too funny! I just left a comment about the two name thing and then scrolled down and realized you were naming your newest daughter kinley. so am i!