Saturday, August 7, 2010

This Is It!!!!

I can't believe it's August, I mean where in the dang world has this year gone. And what's even crazier is that this is my last month to have a 2 year old and my last month to be a mom to only one. It's so almost unimaginable that in a few short weeks Micah Claire will be 3 years old and then a few weeks after that Kinley will be here. OMG!!!!!! I have a feeling these next few weeks are going to be non-stop, fast and furious. We've got baby showers, a nursery to finish up, a school birthday party and a home birthday party. Dear Lord I hope I can keep up.

Micah Claire is soooo into having her hair fixed these days. Whatever her girl classmates are doing we have to do too( pony tails, pig tails, headbands, side ponytails, the list goes on and on). Yesterday somebody had a braid so of course she came home asking for not just one braid but 2. It turned out soooooo cute!

My Sweet little girl; she looks so grown up these days :(Cheese!!!! Showing off her braids from the backside.

M.C. has had several birthday parties at her school this last month and she's loving all the goody bags she's getting. Right now she's crazy about the slinky she got from Jace's party.

Showing off her long slinky!