Sunday, September 26, 2010

Last week... yep I'm running behind again!

Well, I'm a week behind posting some of this; but it's been a busy week. We had our 39 week appointment last Wednesday and we didn't exactly get the news we were hoping for. I've made no progress what so ever so my doctor doesn't think a VBAC is gonna be possible. So he's given us a few days this week to see if anything might happen; but he went ahead and scheduled a c-section towards the end of this week. Please keep us in your prayers as this week draws to a near and Ms. Kinley makes her big arrival! Last Tuesday's pic at 39 weeks! Getting so close to meeting Ms. Kinley!

Pumpkin days is next Saturday and we will be super busy with Ms. Kinley; so I told Micah Claire we would paint some pumpkins this weekend. She couldn't wait to get started; that's one happy girl!

Notice everything started off so nice, neat and clean.... but it didn't' take long for all that to change.

M.C. painting her pumpkin

Trying to get her pink hand print on our big family pumpkin.

Not to shabby!

I think she put every color of paint we had on her pumpkin.

Then she asked me to help her paint a flower in sissy's pumpkin. Notice by now we have paint on our hands and belly

Then painting the backside of sissy pumpkin. By now we have paint on our nose, chin, and eyebrows and even some in our hair!
After painting we had to head straight to the tub to scrub all that paint off. I think by the end she had more on her than any of the pumpkins.
On Saturday M.C., Mommy and Aunt Ashley went and got some much needed pedicures.
She was so excited to get her nails painted blue with flowers; not sure where she got the idea from but oh well!She loved the foot tub!I couldn't believe how still she was; I wish she was that still at home when I paint her toe nails! Check them out; too cute!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Our Super Fun (and HOT) weekend!

We had another wonderful, fun and hot weekend. I mean SERIOUSLY October is like 11 days
away and yesterday it was 101 and today it was 103. Don't get me wrong I love summer more than anybody but I have had enough of it for this year and I am ready for fall! Okay enough gripping... on to some cute pics of my girl!

Our new city park is finally complete and we are super excited!!!! It is awesome and has been packed with kids all weekend! Friday afternoon M.C. and I took are afternoon snack there and played for almost 2 hours.

My cutie tootie!

Peak-a-boo! This is one set of 6 slides!!!!!

She loves this bridge, I bet she ran up and down it 1oo times.

She was happy when she came out of the tubed slide but that was the first and only time she went down it. She said it was too dark and scary in there!

A twisty slide!!!

And the rock wall; once she figured it out she was hooked!


She was so proud that she could climb up the steps for big kids; can ya tell! ;)

My little monkey!

Another climbing wall!

M.C. sitting on the little bench underneath the park.

Last night we went to the Clark County fair. I have to say the rides were a HUGE disappointment and EVERYTHING was overpriced; but all and all it was worth it. Last year she was too scared to ride anything; but this year she was all about it!

Her first ride was on the "boats" as she called them. Look at that happy little face! I think she rode this ride about 7 times (good thing we bought an armband!)
M.C. waving to all her fans;ha!
Then it was on to the lady bug (as she called them) ride.
I'm not sure if there's an award for most awesome carney worker; but if there is this man definitely deserves to win it. He was so nice to light his cigarette up and carry it around while he put the kids in the ride and strapped them in. URRRRRRRR some people! And then he had the nerve to act irritated when Shawn walked M.C. in and strapped her in; I mean come on dude get a dang clue!!!!!!!!!
Such joy on her face!
Then we had to ride the blue lady bug
That's one happy little girl!

Then it was time to ride the motorcycles! I hope to the good Lord this the only kind of motorcycle this child EVER gets on!!!!!!!!!
This was the little dragon roll-a-coaster she begged to ride.
So, her and daddy got on, got strapped in, and she immediately began whining to get off.

Watching the baby goat run around the rink

Then she got to pet a baby cow that was only 5 days old!!! She was so proud of herself!

Friday, September 17, 2010

My Little Big Girl

My Little girl is growing up and it so bitter sweet for me. One part of me calmly says she's only 3 but another part of me screams out OMG she's already 3. So much has changed over the last month. Don't get me wrong they've all been wonderful exciting changes; but there still changes that are some days hard for this momma to swallow.

Two weeks ago Micah Claire got pick out her new big girl car seat and last weekend it finally came in. To say she was excited when it was delivered is an understatement at the least. She about drove her daddy crazy while he was assembling it.

She couldn't believe it had 2 cup holders; talk about one tickled little ( I mean big) girlWe had to immediately put it in the car and go take a ride in it. Daddy making sure everything looked safe and sound!!!! I can't get over how big she looks in this picture :(Look at this face; that's one happy and proud little (again I mean big) girl. Last week she officially moved out of the mommy and me gymnastics class and into the preschool class. She loves her new leotard that has "diamonds" on it; as she calls them!
My little, urrr I mean big gymnast!

As you can tell it's hard for me to call her my big girl. Even though she's now 38 1/4 inches tall and weighs 35#2oz, in my heart and in my mind she's still that little girl I gave birth to 3 years ago; that little girl that immediately stole my heart when I laid eyes on her; that little girl I drove so slowly home with from the hospital; that little girl who makes me want to be a better person than I have ever been in my whole life; that little girl who I would and will protect from anything and everything in this world that I possibly can. Even with another little girl on the way in a matter of days it's still hard for me to imagine her becoming my big girl. So for now I have decided to call her my little big girl! I Love you Micah Claire!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Shopping and Football; The Perfect Weekend!!!

On Saturday Micah Claire and I shopped all morning along for her fall clothes. We had a great time but she was more interested in playing in the stores, dancing around and riding in the buggies. I so wonder when her shopping gene will kick in; I'm sure when it does I will be wishing it hadn't, ha! Then we headed home to get ready to watch the Razorbacks play. My little Razorback cheerleader

Doing a little cheer for us!
And some more cheers!Then she needed a little breakDid you notice the shoe by her face..... that's my silly girl!

A few pictures with mommaCan you tell daddy was tickling her to get her to smile; too cute!Sooooo sweet

100% Picture perfect! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!And then what Micah Claire waited for ALLLLLLLL DAY LONG... her buddy Taylor finally showed up!These two girls ran, played and squealed non-stop inside and outside for 3.5 hours. Must be nice to have that much energy!