Sunday, September 26, 2010

Last week... yep I'm running behind again!

Well, I'm a week behind posting some of this; but it's been a busy week. We had our 39 week appointment last Wednesday and we didn't exactly get the news we were hoping for. I've made no progress what so ever so my doctor doesn't think a VBAC is gonna be possible. So he's given us a few days this week to see if anything might happen; but he went ahead and scheduled a c-section towards the end of this week. Please keep us in your prayers as this week draws to a near and Ms. Kinley makes her big arrival! Last Tuesday's pic at 39 weeks! Getting so close to meeting Ms. Kinley!

Pumpkin days is next Saturday and we will be super busy with Ms. Kinley; so I told Micah Claire we would paint some pumpkins this weekend. She couldn't wait to get started; that's one happy girl!

Notice everything started off so nice, neat and clean.... but it didn't' take long for all that to change.

M.C. painting her pumpkin

Trying to get her pink hand print on our big family pumpkin.

Not to shabby!

I think she put every color of paint we had on her pumpkin.

Then she asked me to help her paint a flower in sissy's pumpkin. Notice by now we have paint on our hands and belly

Then painting the backside of sissy pumpkin. By now we have paint on our nose, chin, and eyebrows and even some in our hair!
After painting we had to head straight to the tub to scrub all that paint off. I think by the end she had more on her than any of the pumpkins.
On Saturday M.C., Mommy and Aunt Ashley went and got some much needed pedicures.
She was so excited to get her nails painted blue with flowers; not sure where she got the idea from but oh well!She loved the foot tub!I couldn't believe how still she was; I wish she was that still at home when I paint her toe nails! Check them out; too cute!