Friday, September 3, 2010

Micah Claire's Fire Truck Birthday Party

Micah Claire has begged me for months now to have a fire truck birthday party. So when I told Ms. Mae she said they would just do an entire week on fire safety and finish the week up with a party and a visit from a real fire truck. This week they made fire hats, fire extinguishers, badges and they even walked down the road to see a real life fire hydrant. This is M.C. showing off her hat and extinguisher this morning before we left.

I got all the kids in her class real fire hats and badges for the party. Aren't' they all cute as bugs!

Ms. Vanessa showing M.C. paper cake
M.C. got to glue 3 candles on all by herself; she was so proud of herself!

A present from Ms.Mae and Ms. Vanessa

It's the book... If you give a mouse a cookie, Micah Claire's favorite book right now!

Micah Claire telling Ms. Vanessa what all treats we put in the kids goodie bags!

Super cute fire truck cake! It was as yummy as it looked :)

Micah Claire singing happy birthday to herself! Too cute!

M.C. showing off her black tongue; she has no shame!

And look at those arms; covered in black. That's my messy little girl!
Me and my messy little fire fighter!

Family Pic!
A little wave for the camera.

Micah Claire and her best buddy Kaylan!
M.C. and her buddy Aubs! All it took was one child to notice the firetruck was pulling up and they all ran to the window and started squealing!

Mr. Roger setting the fire truck up!

Can you tell these 2 are more than excited to see the fire truck!

Mr. Roger went over some fire safety tips with kids then he handout coloring books, suckers and fire hats.Then it was time to show off the truck lights and sirens.............

And as you can tell they weren't too big on the loud sirens.

Then it was time for the fire truck to return to the fire station!

Lots of bye-bye waves for Mr. Roger and his shiny red fire truck!