Sunday, September 5, 2010

Micah Claire's Zebra Party

On Saturday our sweet Micah Claire turned 3 years old and we celebrated by having a Zebra party at our house. The temperature was perfect but the wind was relentless. We had table clothes and decorations blowing off constantly. I was super sad that I didn't get to use all my decorations but there was nothing I could do about it!

M.C. showing off her super cute Zebra dress that Ms. Tracy ( made her! Thanks Ms.Tracy it was PERFECT!
Our Family picture

Trying to get a cute pictures of M.C and Nana, but Uncle Eric had different plans!

M.C. and her Nana minus uncle Eric's; MUCH BETTER!

Micah Claire and Andrea
M.C and Cadie; aren't they SUPER cute in their black, pink and white outfits!!!!
This is the bucket we put on the present table with all the bracelets we made.
M.C showing off the bracelet that we gave all the girls and the women that came to the party. Daddy and Uncle Jody were the only 2 special guys who got bracelets.

And there was LOTS of jumping on the trampoline!

The spread of sweets
M.C. zebra print cake; Mr. Greg did great again this year!

All kinds of cookies; zebra print, #3 and M.C.'s initial cookies.

Our yummy cup cakes!
Daddy had quite a time trying to get the 3 candles lite due to the wind.
M.C. blowing her candles out
M.C. was super hesitant about hitting that zebra pinata (or Yoda as she calls it)
Then Lainee took her turn
Then it was Gracee's turn!
Then cousin Emily!
Then sweet Cadie Belle tried (with a little help from her mommy)! Look at that smile on that baby's face; LOVE IT!
Then she finally got brave and actually took a few good swings at it!
Thank goodness for Cousin Colton; if he hadn't been here those little ones might still be out there trying to bust that zebra open!
After that hit, candy went flying and the kids were super excited! Micah Claire told her Daddy that they Yoda was her favorite part of the party and she wants to have a Yoda every day at her house; LOVE IT!
M.C. showing off the candy she scooped up!
Brooklyn got her a cute container full of nail polishes, stickers, and flies. She told me and her daddy this was her most favorite gift; what a girly-girl we've got!

The Givens' got her a Dora dinner set and a Dora belt! Check out this Dora blanket that her Memaw, Andrea, Michelle and Gina had made for her. It has her entire name on it.
They also got her this SUPER cute Monogrammed zebra pillow case; too cute!

And her buddy Georgia Kate got her a Tinkerbelle play set with combs, brushes, nail polish, lipstick and blow dryer that makes real noise and blows glitter around! She gave her Daddy a full make over last night with this set!
Aunt Ashley and Uncle Eric got her this super cute dress with matching scarf! Her Aunt Paige got her another super cute outfit too! These two aunts help keep my girl stylish!!! Aunt Stacy and family got her a gift card to Wal-Mart; apparently it was new scratch and sniff kind. I mean.... what will they come up with next??? She got several gifts cards and she wants to use them to by her a new big girl car seat!!!
All the grandparents went in and got her a Barbie Jeep for her birthday. I had seen them behind me setting it up and she never noticed. Till.... she got out of her seat to check out her new Zebra back pack. I was showing her all the pockets and all the goodies in her bag and she gasped and said Momma what is that. It took me a minute to realize what she was looking at. I said I don't know baby. She said it's a Barbie jeep......... is it for me (in the sweetest voice ever and the BIGGEST spark in her eye!) And I said yes baby it is...... and off she went... straight to it!
M.C. taking it all in while Papaw Barry was trying to explain how to push the gas pedal and use the radio. She was super hesitant at first about driving it but after a few minutes she was you know what on wheels! :)
Daddy trying show her how to use the forward and the reverse. Look at that smile on her face.... so priceless!
Then she let her buddy Brooklyn get in and take a spin. I love the look on Brooklyn's face and her tight grip on the door!
M.C. taking time to wave to all her friends and family! Poor Brooklyn is still holding on for dear life! Then it was Cadie's turn to take a spin with M.C.!
And then somehow Cadie took over the driver's seat and as you can tell she was super excited! About 10 seconds after this picture was taken Cadie hit the gas and poor Nana got her foot run over!
Then guess who crashed for a 2 1/2 hour nap!! And of course she had to take with it her new Dora blanket that her Memaw got her!
Then after nap time she played with all her toys till 9:30pm! This kid was in heaven with all her new nail polishes, blow dryer, stickers, pretend make up, sun glasses, etc..... Thanks to all our friends and family who came and celebrated with us and thanks for all the wonderful gifts you gave Micah Claire!