Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A trip to the Zoo Causes a little Stomach Flu

We made our 3rd Annual Labor Day trip to the Little Rock zoo yesterday. Even though the weather was a little on the warm side we still had a great time! Micah Claire was so excited to be at the zoo. This was the first year she really knew what to expect. She asked to see all her favorite animals and do all her favorite things (ride the carousel, ride the train and get a snow cone!)

Picture time by the Giraffe'sFirst thing she had to do.... get on the ponies! Last year she asked to ride them but after they started she wanted off. Not this year........this year..........

She LOVED it! She wanted to ride it over and over again!


Last year she was scared to take this picture, but this year she was more than gung-ho to do it; what a year a difference makes!
M.C. checking out one of her favorites... the big-ole Elephants!
Too Cute!
My Little Farmer Girl!
And...What a better way is there to get around the zoo than on Daddy's shoulders! :)
This year the 3 of us couldn't all fit in one seat and Mommy had to ride in front of them. So no
3-some Cowart pic this year. ( I think Daddy's gained a little weight since last year; HAHAHA!!!!)

M.C. taking in the train ride and all the scenery!
Daddy trying to show her a black bear; can you tell she was a little hesitant about being that close! And her MOST FAVORITE THING EVER.... her very own Snow cone! If she asked for it one time she asked for it a million times.

YUMMY IN MY TUMMY!!!!!!! Getting some fish food!
The wind up....................... and the release! I remember last year when she couldn't even reach over the fence let alone be taller than it. My little girl is growing up so fast!
This morning I awoke to my little girl throwing up every where. I guess we caught some little bug from the zoo. :(
Here she is trying to keep down some Sprite Zero,but it didn't stay down 15 seconds and it was right back up!

Bless her heart after she gets sick she just lays around; it just drains her and it breaks this Mommy's heart! I am hoping this passes soon and we don't catch it too!


Lori Harper said...

Love your blog! Praying your little one is better soon. Thank you so much for adding the Prayers For Jed button!