Thursday, October 7, 2010

37 months old & The World's Best Big Sister

On Monday Micah Claire turned the big 37 months old! She has taken to this big sister role wonderfully! I was so worried about her being jealous of Kinley or her having huge melt downs but so far so good. She loves to hold and kiss on Kinley 24/7; she tells her all the time I love you sissy and every time it makes my heart melt.

On Monday she also moved out of the 2 year old room at Ms. Mae's and up to the 3 year old room. I really was worried that change combined with having a new baby in the house would push her over the edge but she's surprised me. She loves her new class room and can't wait to get there everyday. I really thought she would want to stay home with me and Kinley but I couldn't have been more wrong. M.C. showing me that she's 3! She keeps asking things like.... when will I be 5 years old; when will I be 7 years old. It's funny that she's thinking that far ahead but but it's sad because I know those days will be here before I even know it!You gotta love this little girl and all her sassyness. Everyone told me that the terrible 2's turn right into the terrible 3's and some days that is so true. There are very few days that go by that we aren't arguing over what she's gonna wear or not gonna wear. I have to stop myself and say.... really..... I am really having this conversation with a dang 3 year old! And I don't know what it is about preschool but she's learned lots of new things that are killing me; including:
* You're not my friend any more
* You're not being nice
* I'm the boss; not you
I mean really why do that have to pick those things up so quickly and at such a young age; urrr!