Sunday, October 31, 2010

More Halloween Fun!

This has been the busiest week ever! As much fun as we have had, I am ready for some peace and quite mixed with sitting on my rear.
On Friday night Mimi and Poppa Mike came down for a visit. M.C. just couldn't resist having her picture made. So she had to be in the first picture before she would let me take a picture of Mimi and Kinley; such a camera hog!

Mimi getting her some Kinley love!
Shawn took Micah Claire to Wal-Mart the week Kinley was born and bought her don't break the ice and this child loves it. She even talked Mimi into playing a few rounds before bedtime.And I hate to admit it but my child cheats like crazy when she plays this game. But as you can see from the picture it tickles to her no end to get caught!

Last night Aunt Ashley came by to see our Lady Bugs before they went trick-or-treating! M.C. is so in love with Aunt Ashley these days, she wants to call her all the time and wants her to come over all the time; LOVE IT!

Mommy and Daddy got M.C. some new Minnie Mouse pj's for Halloween! We made her go outside and knock on the door like she was trick or treating. It took her 6 times to remember what she was suppose to say when I opened the door. It tickled Daddy and Aunt Ashley to no end!

And here's the world's cutest little lady bug.... Ms. Kinley!

Our first stop was Nana and Poppa's house, she M.C. got a bag full of candy.

Then off to Mr. Scott and Ms. Sandy's house. This picture is one of those where you, as a parent, stop and say.... really is my baby this old.... is she really walking up to someones house to trick or treat all by herself.... where or where has the time gone :(

We made 2 more stops then returned home where Lainee and Gracee where waiting for us!

They both couldn't wait to get their hands on Kinley. So we had to take pictures with each girl holding her. First Gracee got her turn.....
Then Lainee got her turn!

Then Tucker made his grand appearance! He wouldn't take a picture with M.C. for nothing; this is as close as he would get to her!
Here he is..... the batman is all is glory!
Then sweet Cadie come over. Isn't' she the cutest little kitty cat you've ever seen. She even had a sweet little meow that tickled us all!

She was more about suckers and Kinley than she was M.C. and taking pictures. She was proud to get to hold Kinley last night, her little face just lite up when I told her she could hold her. And for some silly reason I didn't get a picture, maybe Ms. Shannon will share her pic with us, hint....hint! :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Week

I can't believe that Halloween is already here, WOW! We have been super busy this week with lots of Halloween activities. On Thursday Micah Claire got to wear her costume to school and go trick or treating to two house beside her preschool. She was so excited, we woke up extra early and wanted to put her lady bug outfit on ASAP!My cute little lady bug! She and every other kid at school was wound up that morning!

Micah Claire and her best friend in the whole wide world (as she says) Kayln!

Last night M.C's friend Taylor had an awesome Halloween party. There were was a ton of kids, food, and games.

M.C. and Aubree at Taylor's party! They played hot pumpkin (like hot potato) and Micah Claire WON!!!!!!!!! Me and my girls! Mommy and Kinley!
This morning we had Micah Claire's school Halloween party. M.C. and Kinley in their Halloween clothes! I can't believe Kinley is already 4 weeks old today; it just doesn't seem possible!
Before the actual party, her class did all their Halloween songs. The kids had a blast singing and dancing for all the parents! I tell ya.... to be 3 years old again would be nice some days!
I love this picture, such pure excitement!

Then came the good stuff.... Chips, cupcakes, juice and tons of candy.... A kids dream and a Dietitian's NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really try at Halloween to be a mom and not a dietitian but it's so hard!

We have never really taken M.C. trick or treating, usually we just have lots of friends and family over. But, this year we are taken her to a few houses and she is so excited. She's been saying "trick or treat smell my feet" all week long!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kinley's Newborn Pictures

Ms. Jessica posted a few of Kinley's newborn pictures on her blog. Check it out; they are wonderful!

Friday, October 22, 2010

My 3 year old and my 3 week old

I so love many things about Micah Claire growing up but one thing I could so do without is her smart mouth. Uhhh some days it's enough to make me scream! I don't know if she gets it from school or it's just an age thing but I am ready for it stop! She has informed that she will not be wearing pants or long sleeves this year; she will continue to wear her shorts, glitter tank tops, and flip flops everyday. She told me if it's cold outside she'll just stay inside where its warm and it doesn't matter what she wears. So we are are slowly adding warmer things to our wardrobe, hence the leggings with today's outfit! Luckily she loved them and we didn't have a fight over them this morning! My zebra girl with her side pony tail! Love it!

She's so full of spunk and personality these days!

Nothing like sisterly love!
Today Kinley turned 3 weeks old! She is still sleeping 18-20 hours a day. I am so not use to this, Micah Claire never slept this much.
We spent the afternoon out on the front porch. It was so bright, I could hardly get any pictures with Kinley's eyes open!
Now that's one big yawn!

It so looks like she's got something to say in this pic!

And this is how big sister shares her slush with little sister,ha!
Last night Shawn swore Kinley smiled at him but I didn't believe him. But tonight while Nana was here playing with the girls Kinley smiled and we all saw it! I can't wait to see more and more smiles from this sweet pea!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Slowly But Surely

Life around the Cowart household is slowly but surely returning to somewhat of a normal life; or should I say as much normalcy as a house with a new baby can have. We we very blessed to have some great church members and some friends provided us meals for the first two weeks! So this week I'm now back to trying to cook dinner at night. So far it's gone okay; but if your house is anything like mine.... everything starts to go down hill about 5:30ish.
Micah Claire is at preschool during the day and Shawn returned back to work last week. So it's just been me and Kinley during the day. I'm still trying to get her in some kind of routine and over the last few nights it seems she's finally got her days and nights back in order!!!!!
It still takes us hours to get everybody up, dressed, and out the door in the morning. I mean we are usually up at 6:30 and I'm doing good to have M.C. to Ms. Mae's by 8:30 or 9:00. I dress and feed both girls but all I do is eat, brush my teeth and hair and go and it still takes forever! Thank God I Don't have to go back to work till next year; I have no idea how I'm ever gonna have time to fix my hair, put on make up and real clothes. I guess I'll have to get up at 4am when those days return; ha!
This week we have had several visitors, made it to birthday party Sunday afternoon, and even went out to eat last night with family (and we were only 20 minutes late: YAHOO!!!). I have not yet done the Wal-mart or church thing yet with both girls; and I'm very nervous to do it! But hopefully the rest of our life with start to fall back into place soon!

Micah Claire at Brooklyn's birthday party on Sunday! It turned out to be a beautiful, hot day!
Beautiful Brooklyn with her Dalmatian cake (that was really yummy!)

The birthday girl blowing our her candle!
M.C. digging into her cake!This super sweet girl painted M.C.'s face!
Check out her cute pumpkin! She didn't want me to wash it off Sunday night, she wanted it to last forever! Brooklyn's mom hide stuffed animals for the kids to find; it was a really cute idea!
M.C. and Brooklyn

Baby sister just relaxed and enjoyed the outing!
Monday night aunt Ashley and Ms. Vicki came by to visit and for some reason I didn't get a picture; so sad :(!

Yesterday Aunt Paige came and spent the afternoon with us! We LOVE Aunt Paige, she is the best!
Aunt Paige brought M.C. a whole bunch of goodies that she got last weekend at the Race for the Cure. As you can see M. C. was super excited about the pink necklaces, bracelets, and pom poms!
My Pink girl!
Too stinking cute!
And I just had to post this picture; it cracks me up!
I was so worried about how M.C. was going to do with me nursing Kinley. She's asked a few basic questions that I've answered very simply and that was end of that! I've always heard other breastfeeding moms say their children will nurse their baby dolls like they nurse their other children, but M.C. wasn't doing it............. until yesterday. I walked in the room and this is what I found. I almost wet my pants! It's so sweet that she's doing what mommy does but it CRACKS me up that this poor baby is apparently having to nurse through her belly button, LOL!