Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Week

I can't believe that Halloween is already here, WOW! We have been super busy this week with lots of Halloween activities. On Thursday Micah Claire got to wear her costume to school and go trick or treating to two house beside her preschool. She was so excited, we woke up extra early and wanted to put her lady bug outfit on ASAP!My cute little lady bug! She and every other kid at school was wound up that morning!

Micah Claire and her best friend in the whole wide world (as she says) Kayln!

Last night M.C's friend Taylor had an awesome Halloween party. There were was a ton of kids, food, and games.

M.C. and Aubree at Taylor's party! They played hot pumpkin (like hot potato) and Micah Claire WON!!!!!!!!! Me and my girls! Mommy and Kinley!
This morning we had Micah Claire's school Halloween party. M.C. and Kinley in their Halloween clothes! I can't believe Kinley is already 4 weeks old today; it just doesn't seem possible!
Before the actual party, her class did all their Halloween songs. The kids had a blast singing and dancing for all the parents! I tell ya.... to be 3 years old again would be nice some days!
I love this picture, such pure excitement!

Then came the good stuff.... Chips, cupcakes, juice and tons of candy.... A kids dream and a Dietitian's NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really try at Halloween to be a mom and not a dietitian but it's so hard!

We have never really taken M.C. trick or treating, usually we just have lots of friends and family over. But, this year we are taken her to a few houses and she is so excited. She's been saying "trick or treat smell my feet" all week long!