Friday, October 22, 2010

My 3 year old and my 3 week old

I so love many things about Micah Claire growing up but one thing I could so do without is her smart mouth. Uhhh some days it's enough to make me scream! I don't know if she gets it from school or it's just an age thing but I am ready for it stop! She has informed that she will not be wearing pants or long sleeves this year; she will continue to wear her shorts, glitter tank tops, and flip flops everyday. She told me if it's cold outside she'll just stay inside where its warm and it doesn't matter what she wears. So we are are slowly adding warmer things to our wardrobe, hence the leggings with today's outfit! Luckily she loved them and we didn't have a fight over them this morning! My zebra girl with her side pony tail! Love it!

She's so full of spunk and personality these days!

Nothing like sisterly love!
Today Kinley turned 3 weeks old! She is still sleeping 18-20 hours a day. I am so not use to this, Micah Claire never slept this much.
We spent the afternoon out on the front porch. It was so bright, I could hardly get any pictures with Kinley's eyes open!
Now that's one big yawn!

It so looks like she's got something to say in this pic!

And this is how big sister shares her slush with little sister,ha!
Last night Shawn swore Kinley smiled at him but I didn't believe him. But tonight while Nana was here playing with the girls Kinley smiled and we all saw it! I can't wait to see more and more smiles from this sweet pea!