Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Slowly But Surely

Life around the Cowart household is slowly but surely returning to somewhat of a normal life; or should I say as much normalcy as a house with a new baby can have. We we very blessed to have some great church members and some friends provided us meals for the first two weeks! So this week I'm now back to trying to cook dinner at night. So far it's gone okay; but if your house is anything like mine.... everything starts to go down hill about 5:30ish.
Micah Claire is at preschool during the day and Shawn returned back to work last week. So it's just been me and Kinley during the day. I'm still trying to get her in some kind of routine and over the last few nights it seems she's finally got her days and nights back in order!!!!!
It still takes us hours to get everybody up, dressed, and out the door in the morning. I mean we are usually up at 6:30 and I'm doing good to have M.C. to Ms. Mae's by 8:30 or 9:00. I dress and feed both girls but all I do is eat, brush my teeth and hair and go and it still takes forever! Thank God I Don't have to go back to work till next year; I have no idea how I'm ever gonna have time to fix my hair, put on make up and real clothes. I guess I'll have to get up at 4am when those days return; ha!
This week we have had several visitors, made it to birthday party Sunday afternoon, and even went out to eat last night with family (and we were only 20 minutes late: YAHOO!!!). I have not yet done the Wal-mart or church thing yet with both girls; and I'm very nervous to do it! But hopefully the rest of our life with start to fall back into place soon!

Micah Claire at Brooklyn's birthday party on Sunday! It turned out to be a beautiful, hot day!
Beautiful Brooklyn with her Dalmatian cake (that was really yummy!)

The birthday girl blowing our her candle!
M.C. digging into her cake!This super sweet girl painted M.C.'s face!
Check out her cute pumpkin! She didn't want me to wash it off Sunday night, she wanted it to last forever! Brooklyn's mom hide stuffed animals for the kids to find; it was a really cute idea!
M.C. and Brooklyn

Baby sister just relaxed and enjoyed the outing!
Monday night aunt Ashley and Ms. Vicki came by to visit and for some reason I didn't get a picture; so sad :(!

Yesterday Aunt Paige came and spent the afternoon with us! We LOVE Aunt Paige, she is the best!
Aunt Paige brought M.C. a whole bunch of goodies that she got last weekend at the Race for the Cure. As you can see M. C. was super excited about the pink necklaces, bracelets, and pom poms!
My Pink girl!
Too stinking cute!
And I just had to post this picture; it cracks me up!
I was so worried about how M.C. was going to do with me nursing Kinley. She's asked a few basic questions that I've answered very simply and that was end of that! I've always heard other breastfeeding moms say their children will nurse their baby dolls like they nurse their other children, but M.C. wasn't doing it............. until yesterday. I walked in the room and this is what I found. I almost wet my pants! It's so sweet that she's doing what mommy does but it CRACKS me up that this poor baby is apparently having to nurse through her belly button, LOL!


Alison said...

Ha - Zoe did the nursing thing with her dolls too. It was hilarious. She'd wait until I got ready to nurse Ethan and go run to her room to get her doll before joining me in her own nursing session with her "baby". It was sweet.

Evelyn said...

I have a picture of me doing this when I was about is classic! and just makes me laugh.

Evelyn said...

....the breastfeeding the baby doll picture that is...