Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dear Uncle Jody......

Today is "Dear Uncle Jody's" birthday and Micah Claire wanted to sing to him... so hear ya go Uncle Jody.

P.S. she asked how old you were and I told her I wasn't sure. She then told me that you were "Old as dirt!" HAHA


Last night Kinley rolled over all by herself! I thought she did it 2 days ago but I wasn't for sure. But last night she did it and I got it on tape!!!!!

Please and excuse my voice (I hate hearing myself) and please excuse my 3 year old who was on the potty. If you can't make out what she's saying.... let me tell you... First she said momma I'm done pooping and I say okay. Then a few seconds later she blurts out.... come look momma it's a big one. OMG I could have died; kids...gotta love them! :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

One Tired Mommy

Ms. Mae's was closed this entire last week..... so that meant Mommy had M.C. and Kinley all week long by herself. On Monday I was confident I could do it... by Tuesday I was not so optimistic... by Wednesday I was sleep deprived..... by Thursday I was exhausted..... and by Friday was delirious and at my whits end. I have no idea how stay at home mom's with more than one kido do it. I mean they don't eat or sleep on the same schedule...... so that meant mommy got no naps and nothing accomplished around the house.

On Monday M.C. and I made our very first ever Ginger Bread house!
She was more excited about all the candy that came in package than making the house!She wanted to know if we would use up all the icing on the house or there would be any left for her eat; that's my girl! Lining the roof with gum balls!

Then skittles on the roof and a peppermint for good measure!

Ta-dah.... the finished product. I let her do almost all of it by herself.... and it turned about much better than I was expecting!
Then Monday after a special delivery came in the mail for M.C. and Kinley!

Ms. Tammie sent her a super cute pink and silver bracelet. If ya can't tell Ms. Tammie.....she loved it!!!
Ms. Tammie also sent Kinley some SUPER cute burp clothes. M.C. tried to convince me that Ms. Tammie sent them for her and her baby dolls... not little sister,ha!

Then on Tuesday we went to Hot Springs to see Santa Clause!!! Micah Claire was so excited to see him. Before I could even put the car into park, she had her seat belt off and her door open.
And I have to say her Reindeer outfit turned out PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!! It is the cutest thing I've laid my eyes on....... all thanks to Ms. Tracy from
Thank you soooo much Ms. Tracy!!!!!!And I love Kinley's little Reindeer outfit......But she wasn't' to sure of it at first;lol!My two cutie pies in their Christmas attire!!!!They both did so good! M.C. told him everything she wanted; she didn't forget one thing! We also got a new family ornament for our tree! M.C. just couldn't wait to put it on the tree when we got home!

On Wednesday morning... baby sister almost rolled over. She actually got hi-centered for a few seconds! And if you look hard enough you can she blonde hair growing in the front. She has 3 big spots where this is happening. I have no idea if she'll turn blonde or not.... but for right now she looks like she got a really bad color job;HA!!!

Wednesday Aunt Paige came for a visit. Micah Claire just adores her Aunt Paige; I think she told her that she loved her like 5 times. I pumped right before she got her so she could feed Kinley a bottle!Then Wednesday night my brother's family came over to celebrate Thanksgiving! This is the first time we've gotten our kids together for Thanksgiving, so it was very special to me! There was lots of playing, and.....lots of tickling and squealing!
And my sweet Kinley turned 8 weeks old yesterday! I can't believe in a few days she be 2 months old; YIKES!!!!!!!!!! And she also got her social security card in the mail yesterday... so she's officially an American Citizen! Kinley and her Daddy watching some Razorback basketball! YEP... we start them young;lol!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Cowart Thanksgiving

We had our annual Cowart Thanksgiving meal this past Saturday. The weather was wet and cold but the food and family time was wonderful. For the first time ever we had family pictures made. You would think with 8 adults and 5 grand kids it would be almost impossible to do... but it really went well. I can't wait to see them!My big girl!My little girl My two girls!

Me and my girls.... And you can see just how happy Kinley was to have her picture made with us;lol!

Aunt Stacy just couldn't wait to get her some Kinley lovin!
And Aunt Mandee wanted some too!

The 3 oldest Cowart Grand-daughters.
These are some happy girls!

M.C. and Emily.... all smiles!

M.C. cheesing it up at Aunt Paige's house!


Aunt Paige wanted some loving from Kinley too.... but Madelyn wasn't too happy about sharing her!

Finally.....Aunt Paige got in some good snuggles with Kinley!
M.C. and her WONDERFUL aunt Paige! Aunt Stacy and Uncle Brian
Micah Claire and her Mimi!

2 Beautiful Girls!
I think this is the best picture of M.C. and her Mimi EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Melts my heart!!!!!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Just for You Uncle Brian

I was just on the phone with Aunt Stacy and Uncle Brian wanted to know why I haven't blogged this week. My answer is.....we have been busy this last week. So here's a little recap just for you Uncle Brian (We love you!!!) Last Saturday Micah Claire got to feed Kinley a bottle. She was soooo excited until Kinley got a little choked up and it scared her to death.

M.C. is such my big helper; she's like having a mini mommy around!
Then the girls played beauty shop while I got ready for church. (Kinley was yawing not screaming in this picture; I promise she was not hurt;lol!) Thank goodness Kinley is such a calm, passive baby!

Okay.... this is yet another picture from week before last of my child pouting over her clothes and her shoes. So..... I decided enough it enough. If I have to resort to bribing this child I WILL DO IT!!!!!! So I told her if she went all week long with no fits about her clothes, shoes, or hair she could get a Sonic slush on Friday. Yes I know I shouldn't have to bribe my 3 year old especially with food but I was at my wits end. I try to pick and choose my battles with M.C. and this is one battle I wanted to matter how! And guess what.............
Not one fit this last week; HOT DOG!!!!!!! And yes she got her orange sonic slush on Friday. She has already told me that she will throw no fits this week and she wants a blue slush this Friday. Hey.... whatever works!!!!!!!!!!!!And my sweet Kinley turned 6 weeks old on Friday. Half of my leave is now over and I am so sad! I'm already dreading having to leave her. She finally took a nap in her big girl crib!

Daddy told us not put the Christmas tree up yet.... so when he left Friday night for deer camp...... we put up the tree. Sorry Daddy;lol! It took us till Sunday night to finish the tree. It has NEVER taken me that long to put up a tree, but with 2 kids everything is different and MUCH SLOWER;ha!

While Daddy was gone Papaw and Ms. Debbie came and checked on us. He and M.C. played a mean game of bowling Check out M.C.'s deep bowling lunge ;)

I call this the granny roll!

It's a strike for M.C.!!!!!!!!

Nana spent Friday and Saturday night with us and we had blast!
This picture makes me wanna cry. So much love!!!
I am so very blessed to have such a wonderful mother and my girls are blessed to have such a wonderful Nana.