Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Cowart Thanksgiving

We had our annual Cowart Thanksgiving meal this past Saturday. The weather was wet and cold but the food and family time was wonderful. For the first time ever we had family pictures made. You would think with 8 adults and 5 grand kids it would be almost impossible to do... but it really went well. I can't wait to see them!My big girl!My little girl My two girls!

Me and my girls.... And you can see just how happy Kinley was to have her picture made with us;lol!

Aunt Stacy just couldn't wait to get her some Kinley lovin!
And Aunt Mandee wanted some too!

The 3 oldest Cowart Grand-daughters.
These are some happy girls!

M.C. and Emily.... all smiles!

M.C. cheesing it up at Aunt Paige's house!


Aunt Paige wanted some loving from Kinley too.... but Madelyn wasn't too happy about sharing her!

Finally.....Aunt Paige got in some good snuggles with Kinley!
M.C. and her WONDERFUL aunt Paige! Aunt Stacy and Uncle Brian
Micah Claire and her Mimi!

2 Beautiful Girls!
I think this is the best picture of M.C. and her Mimi EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Melts my heart!!!!!!!


Misti Strasner said...

I love all the pictures and how the girls are all dressed the same. I think Mandy's little girl has quite possibly the worlds sweetest hair! I LOVE IT!