Monday, November 15, 2010

Just for You Uncle Brian

I was just on the phone with Aunt Stacy and Uncle Brian wanted to know why I haven't blogged this week. My answer is.....we have been busy this last week. So here's a little recap just for you Uncle Brian (We love you!!!) Last Saturday Micah Claire got to feed Kinley a bottle. She was soooo excited until Kinley got a little choked up and it scared her to death.

M.C. is such my big helper; she's like having a mini mommy around!
Then the girls played beauty shop while I got ready for church. (Kinley was yawing not screaming in this picture; I promise she was not hurt;lol!) Thank goodness Kinley is such a calm, passive baby!

Okay.... this is yet another picture from week before last of my child pouting over her clothes and her shoes. So..... I decided enough it enough. If I have to resort to bribing this child I WILL DO IT!!!!!! So I told her if she went all week long with no fits about her clothes, shoes, or hair she could get a Sonic slush on Friday. Yes I know I shouldn't have to bribe my 3 year old especially with food but I was at my wits end. I try to pick and choose my battles with M.C. and this is one battle I wanted to matter how! And guess what.............
Not one fit this last week; HOT DOG!!!!!!! And yes she got her orange sonic slush on Friday. She has already told me that she will throw no fits this week and she wants a blue slush this Friday. Hey.... whatever works!!!!!!!!!!!!And my sweet Kinley turned 6 weeks old on Friday. Half of my leave is now over and I am so sad! I'm already dreading having to leave her. She finally took a nap in her big girl crib!

Daddy told us not put the Christmas tree up yet.... so when he left Friday night for deer camp...... we put up the tree. Sorry Daddy;lol! It took us till Sunday night to finish the tree. It has NEVER taken me that long to put up a tree, but with 2 kids everything is different and MUCH SLOWER;ha!

While Daddy was gone Papaw and Ms. Debbie came and checked on us. He and M.C. played a mean game of bowling Check out M.C.'s deep bowling lunge ;)

I call this the granny roll!

It's a strike for M.C.!!!!!!!!

Nana spent Friday and Saturday night with us and we had blast!
This picture makes me wanna cry. So much love!!!
I am so very blessed to have such a wonderful mother and my girls are blessed to have such a wonderful Nana.