Friday, November 5, 2010

My Girls!!!

Yesterday Micah Claire turned 38 months old. She is the sweetest child, expect in the morning. We fight every morning about her clothes, or her shoes, or her hair. I really have been at my whits end lately with her about this. I really thought she might be finally acting out due to having a new baby. But last night at gymnastics 5 other mom's and I were talking and they all said the same thing. It's was SUCH a relieve to know that 1. she's normal 2. other mom's go through this too and I 'm not alone. I am READY for this stage to pass!
She was crying and throwing a fit here b/c she didn't like her new shoes and her sleeves were too long on her new shirt; urrrr!
Then she finally calmed down and got over it! She is so into headbands these days and I love it! My little cutie pie; I Love you Claire Bear!
My two cutie pies! (Poor Kinley looks like she just about care less to be in this picture;lol)
I love this smile! This smile is the only thing that makes me smile after losing several hours of sleep the night before. She is 5 weeks old today! She is doing great with her tummy timeShe is really pushing up as you can see!
This picture is blurry because she has started rolling side to side when she pushes up. There have been several times where she's almost rolled over. It's so bitter sweet for me. It's great to see her advancing but it's sad that she's growing up so fast! I love you Kinley Bug!