Saturday, November 27, 2010

One Tired Mommy

Ms. Mae's was closed this entire last week..... so that meant Mommy had M.C. and Kinley all week long by herself. On Monday I was confident I could do it... by Tuesday I was not so optimistic... by Wednesday I was sleep deprived..... by Thursday I was exhausted..... and by Friday was delirious and at my whits end. I have no idea how stay at home mom's with more than one kido do it. I mean they don't eat or sleep on the same schedule...... so that meant mommy got no naps and nothing accomplished around the house.

On Monday M.C. and I made our very first ever Ginger Bread house!
She was more excited about all the candy that came in package than making the house!She wanted to know if we would use up all the icing on the house or there would be any left for her eat; that's my girl! Lining the roof with gum balls!

Then skittles on the roof and a peppermint for good measure!

Ta-dah.... the finished product. I let her do almost all of it by herself.... and it turned about much better than I was expecting!
Then Monday after a special delivery came in the mail for M.C. and Kinley!

Ms. Tammie sent her a super cute pink and silver bracelet. If ya can't tell Ms. Tammie.....she loved it!!!
Ms. Tammie also sent Kinley some SUPER cute burp clothes. M.C. tried to convince me that Ms. Tammie sent them for her and her baby dolls... not little sister,ha!

Then on Tuesday we went to Hot Springs to see Santa Clause!!! Micah Claire was so excited to see him. Before I could even put the car into park, she had her seat belt off and her door open.
And I have to say her Reindeer outfit turned out PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!! It is the cutest thing I've laid my eyes on....... all thanks to Ms. Tracy from
Thank you soooo much Ms. Tracy!!!!!!And I love Kinley's little Reindeer outfit......But she wasn't' to sure of it at first;lol!My two cutie pies in their Christmas attire!!!!They both did so good! M.C. told him everything she wanted; she didn't forget one thing! We also got a new family ornament for our tree! M.C. just couldn't wait to put it on the tree when we got home!

On Wednesday morning... baby sister almost rolled over. She actually got hi-centered for a few seconds! And if you look hard enough you can she blonde hair growing in the front. She has 3 big spots where this is happening. I have no idea if she'll turn blonde or not.... but for right now she looks like she got a really bad color job;HA!!!

Wednesday Aunt Paige came for a visit. Micah Claire just adores her Aunt Paige; I think she told her that she loved her like 5 times. I pumped right before she got her so she could feed Kinley a bottle!Then Wednesday night my brother's family came over to celebrate Thanksgiving! This is the first time we've gotten our kids together for Thanksgiving, so it was very special to me! There was lots of playing, and.....lots of tickling and squealing!
And my sweet Kinley turned 8 weeks old yesterday! I can't believe in a few days she be 2 months old; YIKES!!!!!!!!!! And she also got her social security card in the mail yesterday... so she's officially an American Citizen! Kinley and her Daddy watching some Razorback basketball! YEP... we start them young;lol!