Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas at Mimi and Poppa's

M.C. in front of Mimi's Christmas tree wearing the outfit Ms. Brenda got her!Kinley and her Poppa MikePoppa with Kinley and Madelyn!Aunt Mandee with my girls! ( Kinda looks like Kinley is leaning up to let one rip;lol!)M.C. and Emily! Two sweet girls!Micah Claire trying to patiently wait to open all her Christmas gifts... oh to be a child again!Mimi and Poppa got M.C. some dress up clothes and 3 pairs of high heels aka "tappy shoes" and M.C. was THRILLED!!!!!!!!!She was SUPER excited about the Dora mermaid doll that Aunt Mandee and Uncle Jerry got her. Dora has taken a bath every night since with M.C.And she got the baby alive doll from aunt Stacy and Uncle Brain!M.C. immediately put a pair of "tappy shoes" on and wore them all day long!Mimi got the grandkids a Ginger Bread house kit and they all had a ball putting it together and eating all the candy and icing. Colton helping M.C. with her sideM.C. working hard on her side of the roofcheese......picture break!Then somebody gave M.C. the icing bag.... and what did she do with it.......oh... she ate the icing straight from the bag. So, mommy stepped in to stop that BUT........who needs an icing bag when you've got a Mimi near by to feed it to ya;ha!M.C. and her Aunt Stacy 2 cute knuckle heads!

Mimi gave us Madelyn's old Bumpy chair for Kinley.... but Big Sister really likes it too;ha!

And what did baby sister do during all these fun activities.... you guessed it... she slept for 3 1/2 hours!