Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas at Nana & Poppa's

Thursday night we had Christmas at Nana's house. We were waiting on Daddy to get home from work so we could leave. When Daddy got home he had a special surprise for the girls. Ms. Brenda (his boss) got them Christmas presents and M.C. couldn't wait to open them.It was love at first sight Ms. Brenda... THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!She couldn't wait to get it off the hanger and put it on! It has a cute polk-a-dot skirt and it's covered in glitter... a girls dream I tell ya! I had to remind her she was already dressed to go to Nana's; so she decided she would wear the very next day to Mimi's house.

M.C. showing Kinley the book that Ms. Brenda got her. ( I have no idea what M.C.'s gonna do when Kinley can open her own presents; ha)
My big girl; seems like yesterday it was her first Christmas.... man time flys by faster and faster every year!

Nana and her girls. ( Kinley's shirt is all wet b/c she's been drooling like crazy this week; I'm hoping she's not cutting teeth. M.C. cut 2 at 4 months old and I hope Kinley isn't following in her footsteps ( and by "I" I really mean my boobs!)

Me and my precious girls!Daddy and M.C.Our newest family picture!!!Nana and Poppa with their favorite girls
I took over 20 pictures of these 4 and didn't get a single one with all four of them looking at the camera... Oh well maybe next year... YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLAunt Ashley, Uncle Eric and baby Peanut! ( Only 7 more weeks till be find out if it's a "she" nut or a "he" nut)
Uncle Eric being a smarty pants about Aunt Ashley's growing belly. MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

M.C. got some great gifts like the Lady bug board game Aunt Ashley and Uncle Eric got her.... then there were some NOT SO GREAT gifts.... like the 20 piece make upset Nana and Poppa got her ( YES they got in SERIOUS trouble for getting her make up!!!!)

And guess what was in this box..... ( again from Nana and Poppa)....... a HUGE outdoor pool with 2 slides. YES I said an outdoor pool and yes it's December. Uhhhh grandparents ;)