Friday, December 31, 2010

One RUFFFFF week

So we all woke on Christmas morning all a little stuffy... well that stuffiness turned into terrible colds for my hubby and my girls. Poor Kinley couldn't hardly breath, so that meant she wasn't eating for sleeping well... which meant mommy missed out on lots of sleep. By Wednesday morning I had the girls at Dr. Perrin's office. She gave M.C. some medicine but said Kinley was too little so we just had to tuff it out. Uhhhhhh and tuff if out we did. It's so hard to see your little baby so sick and it's hard to go without sleep. And it's sooo hard to deal with a fussy, cranky, sick 3 year old. It's amazing how you can LOVE somebody soooo much who can drive you NUTS so easily! But they are all now better and I hope they stay that way!It has rained EVERYDAY since Christmas and M.C. hasn't gotten to ride her new big girl bicycle. But it finally dried up for a little while on Thursday so she got to ride for about an hour!

She did soooo good!

I love that my camera takes pictures soooo fast b/c it allowed me to get her 1st wreck;lol!

and down she goes.......
wipe out.............
But she came up with a smile on her face!!!!

And she got right back up and rode some more!!!

She's even got great at making turns! Such a big girl!!!

Uncle Matt, Aunt Laura and cousins Jon & Sarah surprised us on Sunday and we were soooo excited to see them!!!! ( okay.... for all those who ask me if Kinley's hair EVER lays down, here is your proof that it does! When we wash it, it will lay flat for 1/2 day then it's straight back up in the air)Kinley usually gets a bottle on Saturdays, but we've been busy these last 3 weeks and she hasn't' gotten one, but I didn't think it would be that big of deal..... Well was I ever wrong. She REFUSED to take a bottle for 3 days. And when I say refused... I mean that baby would scream her head off if she even saw the bottle. I was a nervous wreck about it. But.....She FINALLY took a bottle from Daddy on Tuesday, one from Nana on Wednesday and one from me on Thursday. YAYYYYYYYYYYY Kinley!!!! Crisis resolved!!!!!

Finally last night Ms. Kinley stared feeling better. She is now back to her happy, smiling self! And she's Finally starting to sleep at night again!!!!
She's 13 weeks today and will be 3 months old tomorrow. WOW 3 whole months old; that almost doesn't seem possible!

I love this picture; this look sums up how I've felt all week!HAHA