Friday, December 10, 2010

Our Friday....

I've been telling Micah Claire all week long there was going to be a surprise today at school. She has been begging me to tell her what the surprise is She has guessed a birthday party.... a baby shower..... and a Christmas party. Can ya tell she LOVES to have parties.

She was more than ready to get up and get ready for school this morning!

My big girl!She was bummed that she had to wait for about 20 minuets for the surprise once she got to school.... but she had fun playing with her buddy Jace!Then there was a knock at the door......... and it was....... Santa Clause!! The kids gasped when they saw them and then started going nuts! Santa told them that he couldn't always watch to see if they where being knotty or nice.... so he had mommy's and daddy's watching. Let me tell ya I could have kissed him when he said that. I've been telling her and telling her that Santa will ask mommy and daddy if she's been good before he decides what presents she gets! It's been working pretty well in my house; just don't know what I'm gonna do when Christmas is over and it no longer works, HA!!!!!!!Mr. Clay was a GREAT Santa!Mr. Clay is Georgia Kate's Uncle and GK's mom was a little worried that GK might recognize him and blow his cover.... but she didn't!!!!!!!!Then it was M.C's turn! She was more worried about her candy then telling Santa what she wanted... yep.. that's my kid!
PRECIOUS!!!!! I am sooo glad she's over being scared of Santa, it makes Christmas so much more exciting!

The 3-4 year old class; aren't' they all precious!And what did Ms. Kinley do... you guessed it... she slept like she always does!She looks so serious here. Daddy had a minor procedure (although he's milking it for WAY more than he should) this morning so he took the day off (And NO it wasn't a vasectomy;LOL!). And as you can see Kinley LOVES getting to spend time her daddy!My sweet baby girl! Can't believe she's already 10 weeks old;WOW!

Tummy time with passy.....................
And tummy time without a passy; ha!