Friday, December 17, 2010

Party... Party!!!!!!!!!

Today was Micah Claire's school Christmas party. I tell ya every kid in that place was wound up and ready to party at 9am! M.C. and her buddy Jace!

They sang a ton of songs for us. It's sooo cute to hear all their little out of tune voices!

They are all such little characters!
Check out these SUPER cute Christmas tress that Ms. Gina made for the class!Can ya tell M.C. was more than excited to dig into hers!
Time to dig in! That's my girl... using all her fingers,HA!
Messy Messy girl... can ya see the icing in her hair, LOVE IT!
My sweet girl demolishing her treats!

2 cupcakes, one cookie, Cheetos and juice.... talk about a SUGAR rush! I am sooo glad we didn't have to take them home after the party;lol!

And my sweet baby Kinley is 11 weeks old today.

I love this sweet, round, chunky little face so much!M.C.'s great-great aunt Wanda sent her a Santa sticker card. The card has weeks of activities (like do my chores, brush my teeth, help mommy or daddy, etc...) and everyday that she does one of those activities she gets a sticker. Then she has to leave the card out for Santa to look out and if she got enough stickers he will leave her presents. She LOVES doing this and gets sooo upset when she loses a sticker.

My friend Gina told me about this GREAT website
You put your child's name, age, sex and even pictures of them and the toys they want for Christmas and they make a video of it and send it to your child for FREE! You can even put what your child needs to work on. I put that she needs to listen better to Mommy and Daddy. When she heard Santa say that she sat straight up in her chair. She couldn't believe that Santa had pictures of her and the bike that she wanted. She was sooo excited she watched it over and over again. It's Wonderful.. if ya have kidos.... ya gotta try it!