Thursday, December 23, 2010

So far......

Monday it got up to 75 degrees so we loaded up and hit the local park for a little while! It's so crazy that it was 28 degrees one day and then back up to 75 the very next, WELCOME TO ARKANSAS WEATHER~ha!

M.C. riding her tricycle.... maybe for the last time because she asked Santa for a Big Girl Bike with training wheels!

And sweet Kinley has really started grabbing for things and holding on to them... including my hair, my necklace and my hoop earrings!

Tuesday we hit the Hair Shack for a quick trim! M.C. did sooo good that Ms. Brandi gave her some Christmas tattoos! And guess what baby sister did.........
Nope.. she didn't' sleep.. she actually stayed awake! Kinley is now sleeping 6-7 hours straight some nights and staying awake more during the day!
Then we ran by Nana's to show off M.C. trim up! A close up of my sweetie pie!

Wednesday night we had Christmas with my Dad and Ms.Debbie!
M.C. and her Papaw Barry

Kinley's close up with Papaw

M.C. was super excited with the laptop they got her. I asked her if she was ready for a snack and she said no... not right now mom, I'm on facebook emailing people. I couldn't help but laugh at that!