Monday, December 20, 2010

The Start of Our Christmas Week

I can't believe Christmas is this week, it just doesn't seem possible! We've got so much going on this week, it's nuts!
Here's Kinley when I told her she was going to the church nursery yesterday for the first time; But she settled down when I told her I would be working in there; ha!

She did GREAT in there and had a blast playing in the exersaucer ( which is great because that's what she asked Santa for!)

Sweet Cadie wanted to take a picture with Kinley! Two cute girls!
After church we had our annual Wingfield family reunion; we had a great time eating and visiting with everyone!Aunt Ashley and Uncle Eric (and baby Peanut) even made it for the reunion this year!!!!
Aunt Ashley getting some good snuggles & hugs with Kinley!M.C. had a blast eating chocolate and running around like crazy!
And these are super cute and easy to make reindeer cookies I made for the reunion!!!
And the best part of yesterday was that my hubby finally hung Kinley's newborn pictures up for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I have both my girls on display!!! PICTURE PERFECT

Then we took a few pictures before the Givens' came over for our 2nd annual Christmas celebration!


M.C. pushing Cadie!

Our Three Girls!

Ms. Shannon and my girls!

M.C. decided it was time to feed her baby doll; and as you can see it tickled Ms. Shannon to no end!
Shannon finally got her some alone time with Ms. Kinley!

And Anthony even got some too.... until she started whining and wiggling and it scared him;lol!
They got M.C. her very on set of polish with stickers M.C. couldn't' wait to use it ( thanks Ms. Shannon!)

And even sweet Cadie got her nails done too! ( She is such a camera ham these days ;))