Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Wonderful Month

Yet another month has flown by and Micah Claire is 39 months old! This last month has been full of wonderful news for our family!

She is officially 3 1/4 years old!A few weeks ago we got this card in the mail from Uncle Eric and Aunt AshleyM.C. showing off the inside of the card... can ya see what it says...... It says they will be welcoming their 1st child in June!!!!!!!!!! We are sooooo excited for them; they are going to make wonderful parents!
Then came a HUGE announcement of........The Arkadelphia promise!
For those of you who don't know what this is let me explain. It's a program that 2 local organizations set up, that for the next 18 years, will pay up to 100% college tuition for all children who attend the Arkadelphia Public School system. Both of daughters qualify for this and we couldn't be more thrilled and grateful for this program; it is truly a blessing for us and many others.

This last month has also been been full of many "firsts" for Kinley. She's smiling, cooing and rolling over! Kinley turned 9 weeks old yesterday. I really wish I could hit the pause button for the next few weeks... I am so DREADING going back to work in 4 weeks; BOOOOOOO!

This girl smiles non-stop I tell ya and it tickles me beyond belief!

Even though she's been a little under the weather this week, that hasn't stopped her from smiling and cooing. Even in the middle of the night when I'm trying to suck her nose, she's still smiling! Thank you God for such a wonderful baby!

She has laughed out laughed 2 times that I have heard this week. They are short little laughs and I love them... I can't wait to hear her make a full belly laugh!

In all my ultrasounds I thought Kinley was sucking her thumb.... looks like I was a little wrong, she was sucking her fist. She loves her fist; she would much rather have it over her passy. I've have seen her get 3 fingers worth of that fist into her mouth; it's amazing.
M.C. LOVES Kinley's playmat, I can't keep her off it so I decided if ya can't beat em... join em;ha! And as you can see Kinley loves to share it with her;lol!M.C. was telling Kinley..... Don't fuss sister, just smile! I can't tell ya hard I laughed at that! And of course she had to have a picture making a silly face!


Delta Bost said...

Thanks for your comments girl!

And your to girls are absolutely adorable! Too sweet!