Saturday, January 29, 2011

Twinkies, Big Girl Gymnastics & Rollie Pollie Fun

Papaw Barry bought the girls some super cute matching Valentine's Pj's! Micah Claire was sooooo excited that she and Kinley finally had clothes that matched!My two sweet Valentines! IDK why this picture posted side ways.... but their momma thinks they're cute at any angle!

Last Friday night Micah Claire got a call asking her to move up to the Kindergarten Gymnastics class; she was BEYOND excited about the offer! (and so were mommy & daddy!)

They had to run laps during their warm up and she didn't' know what in the world to think about that.She couldn't wait till it was her turn to get on the big girls bars!It makes me feel so old when her gymnastics teachers are girls I use to teach She did great!

Sweet Kinley Bugs turned 17 weeks old yesterday! I can't believe in 3 days she will be 4 months old; that just doesn't seem right :(This smile makes me the happiest momma in the world!Friday while I was getting ready for class she rolled from her back to her tummy. I couldn't believe it; I thought for sure I must have imagined it so I flipped her back on her back. And within seconds she rolled right over to her tummy then from her tummy to her back again. I squealed so loud it made her cry! She's officially a rollie pollie bug now!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Yep... all happend this week

Last Saturday we helped cousin Emily celebrate her birthday at the HSU pool.

M.C. and Emily!My sweetie heading into the pool.... but not for long. I guess it's been a while since she swam, so she was scared to use her floats; so out we came and into our life jacket we went!She had a blast! She stuck right by Emily the entire party; there was no separating them!
Group birthday picture!
Can ya tell my child LOVES to sing Happy Birthday;lol!
She couldn't believe she got to drink from a real can; she kept asking me... "mommy is this a Coke!" TOO CUTE!
And little Miss Kinley got lots of lovin from Aunt Stacy.........and Mimi........and poppa Mike!
Sunday was calm; Monday Kinley and I cleaned house. Usually she will play and entertain herself while I clean... but apparently somebody has gotten VERY use to being held at school. So, it took me over 3 hours to get the house clean. Monday I was expecting a call from OBU about a job and that call never came, so I was really bummed.
Then came Tuesday..... uh Terrible Tuesday as I now call it. It was the first day I took Kinley to a girls house to watch her from 8-9 then the girl drives her to daycare at 9 and I was already a nervous wreck about this. I made it less than 15 mins from town and Shawn called. He asked me how far away from town I was, and said I needed to turn around and come on home. You can only imagine what thoughts were running through my mind. He promised me it wasn't either of the girls but that it was serious and I needed to come home. As I was turning around on interstate my cell rang and I didn't recognize the phone number; do to the circumstances I went ahead and answered the phone. MIND YOU I WAS TERRIBLY UPSET. This lady on the phone says Brooke are you okay and I said NO!!!!!! I said my husband just called me and told me to come home there's an emergency and I just feel apart on this poor women. Then it hit me I had no idea how I was talking to. I said Who Is THIS????? Turns out it was someone from OBU telling me I needed to come fill out some paperwork for the job I was hired for. WHAT JOB??? NOBODY CALLED ME, I thought I didn't get the job. Uhhhhh, I told her I was caught off guard by her call and I would have to call her back later.
About the time I was getting off interstate Shawn was calling me back. Apparently my boss had
called him and told him how upset I was and that he needed to fill me in more. So he told me that my mom was being brought by ambulance to the ER from Kirby. So.... we spent all hours in the ER that day. Long story short, she saw her PCP Wednesday and we're going to see a Cardiologist next week for some more extensive testing. Please pray all is well for her!
Thursday I accepted the adjunct position at OBU and spent the afternoon and night there getting everything I need for the class I had to teach on Friday; YES THE VERY NEXT DAY!!!! So, I scrambled to find someone to keep Kinley on Friday and I got one of the WONDERFUL girls from her daycare to come. So all was well and I was leaving to go to my first day of class and WHAM!!!!!
That WHAM was me backing into the back of my babysitters truck. Not just any truck... her and her husbands BRAND NEW TRUCK! UHHHHHHH! She was soooo sweet about the entire deal. I was balling my eyes out and ready to say lots of terrible bad words..... and she grabbed my hand and started praying for me. I was so taken back by her praying but.....It was exactly what I needed. After I calmed down I headed to OBU. I got there early to make copies. As I was making copies a college girl came in and said "Hi... I'm Lauren are you the other student worker?" I just laughed and said NO! I'm the new teacher. She said.. oh you look just like us. I guess that's a compliment;IDK????? So my class went great. And my super sweet baby sister even called me Friday night to check on me. I mean really she was consoling me AGAIN and I was one the who caused the damage; what a wonderful girl! I am now spending my weekend reading 2 chapters; making out homework assignments and preparing for an exam. It's NUTS! I feel like I'm in college again!
So this week M.C. learned about the letter "M." And what else would she bring to Friday's show and tell but.................
MAKE UP!!!!!!!!! She even talked me into letting her wear a little eyeshadow and lip gloss (her daddy was soooo not happy with me when found out; sorry daddy!) And my little sweetie bugs was 16 weeks old yesterday. I can't believe she will soon be 4 months old; crazy how fast time is flying!
Just toooooo precious! She is babbling up a storm these days; it's almost like she's talking in sentences ;)
She loves her big sissy and all the crazy stuff M.C does; as you can see from this picture!

She's so full of smiles; it makes my heart melt!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fun things at 15 weeks

My sweet baby Kinley turned 15 weeks old on Friday! This last week has been full of super new and fun things for her. Last Sunday she got to experience her very first snow (I'll try and get those pictures up soon)!

My Kinley Check out hair do... it's truly one of a kind; lol!Such a serious look!Big sister is such a camera ham, she can't stand not to be in Kinley's pictures! Me and Kinley!
She had gotten to the point that every time she pushed up she would roll over. But she has finally figured out how to stop herself from rolling over!
She's getting to be such a big girl!!!

And now she can sit up at a 20 degree angle all by herself ( for a few seconds). She officially doesn't have to lay in her baby bath tub anymore; she can sit up in it!!! And this is the SUPER cute outfit my Aunt DD sent Kinley!

I love this sweet smile!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Back to Reality

Tuesday my big girl turned 40 months old. And of course she had to wear her Razorback cheerleading outfit to school to root on those Hogs! (Unfortunately they needed more help than she could provide :( Maybe next year hogs!) Turns out 7 other girls wore their uniforms too; so they had a whole squad of Cheerleaders at school that day! She kept asking my why she had to wear tights with her uniform. I told her it's because it was cold outside; she told me cheerleaders don't get cold; ha!

Micah Claire calling those Hogs!
Tuesday I went back to work for the first time. I was a dang wreck all day long, but my sweet girl did great! They said she took a 3 hour nap that morning and an hour nap that afternoon and she played and was happy the rest of the day. But, she wasn't having a thing to do with that bottle. She took 6oz the entire day; bless her heart! And bless mine, because she made up for it when she got home;haha!

When I was taking her picture I said smile Kinley, it's your first day of school. And this is the look I got. Looks like she's trying to say WHAT DO MEAN MOMMA, I'M GOING WHERE??? haha!
On Wednesday she did even better, she took 2 whole bottles and by Wednesday she took all 3 of her bottles! YAY Kinley!! I'm so blessed that she is at a wonderful place and that she's the only little baby there!
She's 14 weeks old today! We are enjoying our day home together! I look forward to our next 4 days together. I know Tuesday will be here again before I know it :(

It's been in the 60's and 70's all week long, but they are calling for a drastic drop tonight in temperature and 2-3 inches of snow by Monday. So.. my baby girl may get to experience her 1st snow. And Micah Claire is sooo excited that she might get to build a snow man!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

3 months old

Kinley turned 3 months old Saturday and as you can see from the picture she was SUPER excited about it, ha!This is what I get when I try to take pictures first thing in the morning before she gets to nurse.Kinley and Daddy!Me and my wonderful girls Daddy and his girls; I love these 3 so much!!!

Now finally some 3 month pictures with no screaming!
Kinley giving just a little smile for the camera!

Kinley wanted to make sure I got a shot of 3 month old foot in this picture;lol!
I can't believe I have to go back to work this week. I haven't even started packing Kinley's bag yet; I'm not a procrastinator at all I just can't bring myself to do it yet :(
I really thought it was going to be easier this time around, but I was WRONG! It's gonna kill me to drop her off. I keep telling myself I'm very lucky to only have to go back 3 days a week but myself isn't buying that yet;haha!