Friday, January 7, 2011

Back to Reality

Tuesday my big girl turned 40 months old. And of course she had to wear her Razorback cheerleading outfit to school to root on those Hogs! (Unfortunately they needed more help than she could provide :( Maybe next year hogs!) Turns out 7 other girls wore their uniforms too; so they had a whole squad of Cheerleaders at school that day! She kept asking my why she had to wear tights with her uniform. I told her it's because it was cold outside; she told me cheerleaders don't get cold; ha!

Micah Claire calling those Hogs!
Tuesday I went back to work for the first time. I was a dang wreck all day long, but my sweet girl did great! They said she took a 3 hour nap that morning and an hour nap that afternoon and she played and was happy the rest of the day. But, she wasn't having a thing to do with that bottle. She took 6oz the entire day; bless her heart! And bless mine, because she made up for it when she got home;haha!

When I was taking her picture I said smile Kinley, it's your first day of school. And this is the look I got. Looks like she's trying to say WHAT DO MEAN MOMMA, I'M GOING WHERE??? haha!
On Wednesday she did even better, she took 2 whole bottles and by Wednesday she took all 3 of her bottles! YAY Kinley!! I'm so blessed that she is at a wonderful place and that she's the only little baby there!
She's 14 weeks old today! We are enjoying our day home together! I look forward to our next 4 days together. I know Tuesday will be here again before I know it :(

It's been in the 60's and 70's all week long, but they are calling for a drastic drop tonight in temperature and 2-3 inches of snow by Monday. So.. my baby girl may get to experience her 1st snow. And Micah Claire is sooo excited that she might get to build a snow man!