Saturday, January 29, 2011

Twinkies, Big Girl Gymnastics & Rollie Pollie Fun

Papaw Barry bought the girls some super cute matching Valentine's Pj's! Micah Claire was sooooo excited that she and Kinley finally had clothes that matched!My two sweet Valentines! IDK why this picture posted side ways.... but their momma thinks they're cute at any angle!

Last Friday night Micah Claire got a call asking her to move up to the Kindergarten Gymnastics class; she was BEYOND excited about the offer! (and so were mommy & daddy!)

They had to run laps during their warm up and she didn't' know what in the world to think about that.She couldn't wait till it was her turn to get on the big girls bars!It makes me feel so old when her gymnastics teachers are girls I use to teach She did great!

Sweet Kinley Bugs turned 17 weeks old yesterday! I can't believe in 3 days she will be 4 months old; that just doesn't seem right :(This smile makes me the happiest momma in the world!Friday while I was getting ready for class she rolled from her back to her tummy. I couldn't believe it; I thought for sure I must have imagined it so I flipped her back on her back. And within seconds she rolled right over to her tummy then from her tummy to her back again. I squealed so loud it made her cry! She's officially a rollie pollie bug now!


Mandy said...

I cannot get over how cute Kinley is!

Stephanie Wood Smith said...
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