Saturday, March 26, 2011

25 weeks old

Yesterday Kinley turned 25 weeks old. I can't believe she will 6 months old next Friday. YIKES, may baby girl is growing up tooooo fast! She is still trying to figure out the whole crawling thing. It's so fun to watch her try and then fall flat on her face. And Monday she woke up with brand new shiny lower front tooth!!!!!

Our Happy Girl!

This sweet baby never stops smiling; we are so lucky!

She is really starting to figure the whole rice cereal thing out! She LOVES to grab the spoon and sling cereal everywhere.
She is still our little squealer and if you don't feed her fast enough.... you'll set this squinted look followed by a VERY high pitched squeal;too cute!

And I found another pair of matching pjs.......Yes I might have a slight addiction, but I'm okay with it;ha!

This picture just cracks me up; it looks like Micah Claire has had a little too much of her Tylenol with Codeine;lol!!!!!!!

Tonsils out Ice Cream In!

Thursday morning.... I dreaded it for days. I know my child needed her tonsils and adenoids out and tubes in her ears, but..... the thought of her undergoing anesthesia made me a nervous dang wreck. I kept telling myself it was a quick procedure and she would only be under for a few minutes and Dr. Vallery does this all the time, but none of that really comforted me. Lots of anesthesia's these days are egg based and as you know Micah Claire has a bad egg allergy. I had nightmares that they forgot about her allergy, or switched her chart with another child and gave her their anesthesia But never the less Thursday morning came and we were up at 6am and out the door by 6:30 heading to Hot Springs for Micah Claire's very first surgery.My mom and Stan came over to help us get everybody up & ready and all our bags into the car. Thursday would have been my little brother's 30th birthday. I can't imagine how hard it is to lose a child. I am sure no matter how many years have past since their death, their birthday and other special holidays or anniversaries aren't easy. But my mom put on her happy face and did her darnedest to make M.C. happy and keep her mind off the surgery. There is nobody on the face of this earth that I respect and admire more than my mother; she is truly one of a kind!

Micah Claire came through her surgery much better than I expected. She had a tuff time coming out of the anesthesia; but once it wore off she was ready for some ice cream! She wanted sprinkles sooooo bad on her ice cream, but she can't have crunchy foods for 10 days.......So..... we compromised and put pink sparkly icing on top of her ice cream and...... As you can see, It was a hit!!!!!!!!! After this ice cream she slept for another 3 hours and then

Daddy got her a white cherry Icee and she loved it too!
Then Mimi made a special visit to town to check on M.C. and she brought a ton of great presents!
She got her this super cute tinker belle coloring set and the pillow pet in the back ground. She also got M.C. 2 new videos and a super cute stuffed giraffe. THANKS MIMI!!!!!!
Papaw Barry and Ms. Debbie came by and they brought chocoalte ice cream and a stuffed bunny for M.C. And Ms. Brenda sent her a card with $10! I mean is this girl spoiled... I mean Loved or what;lol!
Believe it or not M.C. has quickly tired of eating ice cream, Icees, chocolate pudding and popsicles. So we broke the rules a little early and gave her some noodles.

Check out those noodles!
Yummy in her tummy!
Bless her heart she lost 5#s last week when she got the stomach bug and her appetite had just come back the day before her surgery. And now she's limited to eating soft, creamy foods for 10 days. And she can't go to school or gymnastics or do anything high impact for 10 days. Bless her heart and bless ours! I mean how do you keep a 3 /12 year old calm for 10 days??????

Happy Birthday Poppa

Yesterday was Poppa's birthday but he celebrated it last Sunday night. We weren't sure how Micah Claire would be doing after her surgery, so we went a head and had it a little early.

She drew Poppa a huge birthday card and she was so proud of it. She even taped it to the back of his chair in the dinning room!M.C. had a blast putting candles on Poppa's cake! She had to make sure that every color candle made it on the cake!

Looks like my 2 girls couldn't wait to blow the candles out!

It was a family effort to get them all blow out! I love the look on Kinley's face; she's watching her big sister so intently!

Then came the birthday cheers which Kinley loved!
Micah Claire couldn't wait for Poppa to open his presents; it just about killed her to have to wait till after dinner and cake to do it.

Poppa LOVED his autographed Mark Martin hat and license plate that the girls got him!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

One Looooong Week

I tell ya, this has been one of the loooongest weeks of my life! It started out being a fun, exciting week and mid week that all went down hill fast!

On Sunday My Aunt Kay and cousin Amy came for a visit. To say Micah Claire LOVES Amy Jo is nothing short of an understatement!
M.C. got lots of piggy back rides from A.J!
2 sweet girls! I still can't believe A.J. is 18 years old and graduates from high school in a few short weeks :(
They threw rocks into the pond for an hour straight!

Kinley had a great time hanging with KayKay!
Kinley giving the camera a little wave!
Wednesday we had to go see Dr. Vallery. He told us that M.C. needed to have her tonsils and adenoids out and tubes in her ear. Uhhhh, not what I wanted to hear at all! This child never had an ear infection till September 27th, but since then she has had 4 ear infections and tonsillitis so many times I've lost count. I know it's very necessary but the thought of my baby having to go under anesthesia makes me sick to my stomach.
That Wednesday night Kinley got her very first taste of rice cereal! I have debated and debated about starting her on it. I really wanted to wait till she was exactly 6 months old, but she had been waking more at night and had started acting like she wasn't satisfied after her night time nursing. So on a whim at 6pm I told Shawn I wanted to start her and off he went to get a box of rice cereal ( I had no idea what a blessing this was really going to be at the time!)
And you can see she LOOOOOOVED it!

Daddy took a turn feeding her and.......

Micah Claire even got a turn! She was soooo proud of herself!
After eating 2 Tbsp of cereal Kinley went to bed and slept the ENTIRE night!!!!!! This was the first time she ever slept through the night. And it's a good dang thing too because M.C. and I were up all night with the stomach bug. OMG it was TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!! I've never puked so much or so hard in my entire life. It took everything I had to take care of me and her.
Thank the dear Lord for my mom, dad and Ms.Debbie! They helped sooo much and unfortunately they all got the bug with in 24 hours of being around us. We finally started coming back to life Friday but it was Sunday before we were back to 100%. Poor Daddy made it all the way till this Monday till he got it.
And this week Kinley has really started getting up on those hands and knees and rocking back and forth.... bet it wont be too long before we have a crawler on our hands!I LOVE this picture! Kinley looks so intent on figuring out just what those hands and knees can actually do! Micah Claire is soooo excited about Kinley learning how to crawl. She keeps telling me.... Momma when Kinley starts crawling, I 'm gonna run all over the house and let her chase me! TOO CUTE!

24 weeks old!

I stumbled on these matching pjs at wal mart this week; and I love them!
And even though it's been a long week, these smiles are what make it all worth it!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A beautiful weekend

Our Sweet Kinley turned 23 weeks old yesterday. It seems like every week she is doing some new and exciting. This week she got up on her hands and knees numerous times and rocked back in forth. I have a feeling she will crawling a few short weeks!
My sweet babySuch a smiley girl!!!!Yesterday was BEAUTIFUL! It was a warm 70 degrees! After lunch we headed to Nana and Poppa's and spent the entire day and night outside! As you can see, Kinley LOVED it. She sat in her exersaucer for 2 hours and never made a peep!Me and Kinley bugs!We couldn't pass up the chance to get some pictures will all the blooming flowers and trees! I LOVE THIS PICTURE! The lighting and shadow is terrible but the love in the picture is perfect! Nana and her sweetie pies!We tried another location; but Kinley was to distracted by all the cars passing bye.I Love how happy and care free Micah Claire looks in this picture! I tried to get a few pictures of Kinley by herself... but everything was more interesting than mommy and her camera;ha! Picture Perfect!
I still can't believe my baby is 3 1/2 already; just doesn't seem possible!

M.C. had a BLAST playing with her Uncle Eric! She LOVES him sooo much!And as you can see........ she didn't get very far from him all day; precious!
Friday was Uncle Eric's birthday, and I want reveal is age but I will tell you this is his last year in his 20's! He is a wonderful uncle and he's going to make a wonderful daddy!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My 3 and half year old...YIKES!

Last Friday my Claire Bear turned 3 1/2 years old. Oh no... Say it ain't so!!! How in the world could that be?????My big 3 1/2 year oldApparently she wanted a profile shot;lol! I said... "Micah Claire how old are you today'" and she held up 4 fingers and squealed I'm FOUR!!! She's a little a head of the game;ha!

M.C. use to brush her teeth in our bathroom, but this week she started brushing all by herself in her own bathroom. Good thing she's not a camera ham;lol!

And on Monday, she finally moved out of the high chair and now officially has her very own seat at our dining room table. (yes I know she should have moved out of the high chair a long time ago; but in my defense keeping her in it meant less mess and less clean up for mommy!!!)

It tell ya.......She is one proud 3 and half year old!

Tuesday morning she was soooo worried that I had forgotten she is now allowed to sit at the "big kids table." As soon as I started pouring her cereal, she said... Now momma, you remember I don't have to sit in that high chair this morning.