Sunday, March 13, 2011

A beautiful weekend

Our Sweet Kinley turned 23 weeks old yesterday. It seems like every week she is doing some new and exciting. This week she got up on her hands and knees numerous times and rocked back in forth. I have a feeling she will crawling a few short weeks!
My sweet babySuch a smiley girl!!!!Yesterday was BEAUTIFUL! It was a warm 70 degrees! After lunch we headed to Nana and Poppa's and spent the entire day and night outside! As you can see, Kinley LOVED it. She sat in her exersaucer for 2 hours and never made a peep!Me and Kinley bugs!We couldn't pass up the chance to get some pictures will all the blooming flowers and trees! I LOVE THIS PICTURE! The lighting and shadow is terrible but the love in the picture is perfect! Nana and her sweetie pies!We tried another location; but Kinley was to distracted by all the cars passing bye.I Love how happy and care free Micah Claire looks in this picture! I tried to get a few pictures of Kinley by herself... but everything was more interesting than mommy and her camera;ha! Picture Perfect!
I still can't believe my baby is 3 1/2 already; just doesn't seem possible!

M.C. had a BLAST playing with her Uncle Eric! She LOVES him sooo much!And as you can see........ she didn't get very far from him all day; precious!
Friday was Uncle Eric's birthday, and I want reveal is age but I will tell you this is his last year in his 20's! He is a wonderful uncle and he's going to make a wonderful daddy!