Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My 3 and half year old...YIKES!

Last Friday my Claire Bear turned 3 1/2 years old. Oh no... Say it ain't so!!! How in the world could that be?????My big 3 1/2 year oldApparently she wanted a profile shot;lol! I said... "Micah Claire how old are you today'" and she held up 4 fingers and squealed I'm FOUR!!! She's a little a head of the game;ha!

M.C. use to brush her teeth in our bathroom, but this week she started brushing all by herself in her own bathroom. Good thing she's not a camera ham;lol!

And on Monday, she finally moved out of the high chair and now officially has her very own seat at our dining room table. (yes I know she should have moved out of the high chair a long time ago; but in my defense keeping her in it meant less mess and less clean up for mommy!!!)

It tell ya.......She is one proud 3 and half year old!

Tuesday morning she was soooo worried that I had forgotten she is now allowed to sit at the "big kids table." As soon as I started pouring her cereal, she said... Now momma, you remember I don't have to sit in that high chair this morning.