Saturday, March 19, 2011

One Looooong Week

I tell ya, this has been one of the loooongest weeks of my life! It started out being a fun, exciting week and mid week that all went down hill fast!

On Sunday My Aunt Kay and cousin Amy came for a visit. To say Micah Claire LOVES Amy Jo is nothing short of an understatement!
M.C. got lots of piggy back rides from A.J!
2 sweet girls! I still can't believe A.J. is 18 years old and graduates from high school in a few short weeks :(
They threw rocks into the pond for an hour straight!

Kinley had a great time hanging with KayKay!
Kinley giving the camera a little wave!
Wednesday we had to go see Dr. Vallery. He told us that M.C. needed to have her tonsils and adenoids out and tubes in her ear. Uhhhh, not what I wanted to hear at all! This child never had an ear infection till September 27th, but since then she has had 4 ear infections and tonsillitis so many times I've lost count. I know it's very necessary but the thought of my baby having to go under anesthesia makes me sick to my stomach.
That Wednesday night Kinley got her very first taste of rice cereal! I have debated and debated about starting her on it. I really wanted to wait till she was exactly 6 months old, but she had been waking more at night and had started acting like she wasn't satisfied after her night time nursing. So on a whim at 6pm I told Shawn I wanted to start her and off he went to get a box of rice cereal ( I had no idea what a blessing this was really going to be at the time!)
And you can see she LOOOOOOVED it!

Daddy took a turn feeding her and.......

Micah Claire even got a turn! She was soooo proud of herself!
After eating 2 Tbsp of cereal Kinley went to bed and slept the ENTIRE night!!!!!! This was the first time she ever slept through the night. And it's a good dang thing too because M.C. and I were up all night with the stomach bug. OMG it was TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!! I've never puked so much or so hard in my entire life. It took everything I had to take care of me and her.
Thank the dear Lord for my mom, dad and Ms.Debbie! They helped sooo much and unfortunately they all got the bug with in 24 hours of being around us. We finally started coming back to life Friday but it was Sunday before we were back to 100%. Poor Daddy made it all the way till this Monday till he got it.
And this week Kinley has really started getting up on those hands and knees and rocking back and forth.... bet it wont be too long before we have a crawler on our hands!I LOVE this picture! Kinley looks so intent on figuring out just what those hands and knees can actually do! Micah Claire is soooo excited about Kinley learning how to crawl. She keeps telling me.... Momma when Kinley starts crawling, I 'm gonna run all over the house and let her chase me! TOO CUTE!

24 weeks old!

I stumbled on these matching pjs at wal mart this week; and I love them!
And even though it's been a long week, these smiles are what make it all worth it!