Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tonsils out Ice Cream In!

Thursday morning.... I dreaded it for days. I know my child needed her tonsils and adenoids out and tubes in her ears, but..... the thought of her undergoing anesthesia made me a nervous dang wreck. I kept telling myself it was a quick procedure and she would only be under for a few minutes and Dr. Vallery does this all the time, but none of that really comforted me. Lots of anesthesia's these days are egg based and as you know Micah Claire has a bad egg allergy. I had nightmares that they forgot about her allergy, or switched her chart with another child and gave her their anesthesia But never the less Thursday morning came and we were up at 6am and out the door by 6:30 heading to Hot Springs for Micah Claire's very first surgery.My mom and Stan came over to help us get everybody up & ready and all our bags into the car. Thursday would have been my little brother's 30th birthday. I can't imagine how hard it is to lose a child. I am sure no matter how many years have past since their death, their birthday and other special holidays or anniversaries aren't easy. But my mom put on her happy face and did her darnedest to make M.C. happy and keep her mind off the surgery. There is nobody on the face of this earth that I respect and admire more than my mother; she is truly one of a kind!

Micah Claire came through her surgery much better than I expected. She had a tuff time coming out of the anesthesia; but once it wore off she was ready for some ice cream! She wanted sprinkles sooooo bad on her ice cream, but she can't have crunchy foods for 10 days.......So..... we compromised and put pink sparkly icing on top of her ice cream and...... As you can see, It was a hit!!!!!!!!! After this ice cream she slept for another 3 hours and then

Daddy got her a white cherry Icee and she loved it too!
Then Mimi made a special visit to town to check on M.C. and she brought a ton of great presents!
She got her this super cute tinker belle coloring set and the pillow pet in the back ground. She also got M.C. 2 new videos and a super cute stuffed giraffe. THANKS MIMI!!!!!!
Papaw Barry and Ms. Debbie came by and they brought chocoalte ice cream and a stuffed bunny for M.C. And Ms. Brenda sent her a card with $10! I mean is this girl spoiled... I mean Loved or what;lol!
Believe it or not M.C. has quickly tired of eating ice cream, Icees, chocolate pudding and popsicles. So we broke the rules a little early and gave her some noodles.

Check out those noodles!
Yummy in her tummy!
Bless her heart she lost 5#s last week when she got the stomach bug and her appetite had just come back the day before her surgery. And now she's limited to eating soft, creamy foods for 10 days. And she can't go to school or gymnastics or do anything high impact for 10 days. Bless her heart and bless ours! I mean how do you keep a 3 /12 year old calm for 10 days??????