Monday, April 25, 2011

This Love........

These two girls love each other some much it brings tears to my eyes! Nobody can make Kinley laugh like her big sister can. I hope and pray they love each other this much for the rest of their lives!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Beaver Fever at 3...uhhhhh

Yes, I know his name is Justin Bieber BUT don't tell Micah Claire that she will correct you in a heart beat....." NO MOMMA IT'S JUSTIN BEAVER!" I can't tell you how many times in the last 2 weeks I have heard that come out of my child's mouth. I wish you could have seen the look on our faces the very first time she mentioned him. She was texting on her play cell phone and I asked her who she was texting and she says.... Justin Beaver. We both did a double take and laughed till we had tears in our eyes. After we stopped laughing we both thought... how in the world does that child know who Justin "Beaver" is. So of course we asked....... and we were told..... "It's Chloe's sister's boyfriend" (Chloe is a little girl in M.C.'s glass and her sister is about 10 years old) So these days she's constantly texting or calling Justin; thank goodness we have unlimited calling and texting;haha!

I've been so short on time lately that I haven't gotten to post of all M.C.'s recent pics. It's amazing how busy a 3 year's schedule can become!

Poppa Barry and Ms. Debbie came by 2 weeks ago and had a special prize for M.C.A new pink bat & ball and a tee! She was sooo excited!!!! She missed the cut off to play tee ball this year by a few months and she was really upset about it!Batter up!My little giggle box!Last Thursday Aunt Ashley popped by and the girls just had to get a picture with her and Cooper! I can't believe that baby will be in 9 short weeks!!!!!Last Saturday M.C. went to Chole's 4th birthday party. It was a "decorate your own cupcake party." Each kid got 4 cup cakes to decorate. There was icing, candy, and sprinkles GALORE!!!Look at that focus;lol!Then came the best part.... getting to eat the finished products!Chole giving M.C and Alexis a ride on her barbie jeep!And this Friday Micah Claire had her first ever Easter party at school. These are some of her super cute classmates! My Little Easter Bunny!They had a blast singing all their Easter songs for the parents! They are all so dramatic... I mean creative;lol!This is Jace... M.C's bestest friend. Every time she talks about him she says.... he's so cute! It just about drives her daddy nuts!

And of course the got treat bags..... 5 to be exact. Talk about Candy Over Load!!!! ( Please excuse the juice spill on her dress)

Friday, April 22, 2011

29 weeks

Woo-hoo, I'm actually posting 29 week pictures on 29 weeks, I so get a star by name this week!
We were suppose to have Kinley's 6 month pictures outside this morning but we had to reschedule them due to all the rain we have gotten this week. Looks like her 6 month pics are really going to be her 7 month pics; oops! This week she has been saying bye-bye and da-da. I really tried to ignore the da-da but Micah Claire heard her say it and went nuts. I know she doesn't know what she's saying, she just babbling. SO.... there's still hope her real first words will be Momma!!!!! I finally got her to sit still for a few pictures!!!!!By big and

happy girl!

My two sweet peas!

Sister Lovin.....nothing better!!!!!!

28 weeks

YES, Kinley turned 29 weeks today, and YES I am just now getting to post her 28 weeks. YES, I am behind again. Life has been super hectic lately with two kids, a husband who's been out of town on business, and working 2 part time jobs. Don't get me wrong I am SOOOO very grateful for my life, my family, and my jobs but it's a little overwhelming at times. We have 2 mini vacations coming up soon and I haven't even had time to book anything for them; uhhhh! I am hoping the Easter Bunny brings me a personal assistant;lol!

It's getting super hard to get a picture of Kinley sitting still! She is constantly on the go!She officially crawled across her room Monday night. I think Micah Claire was more excited than me; she is Kinley's personal cheerleader!

Such a sweet smile!!!!!!
Last week Kinley started pulling on everything! Can ya tell she's proud of herself ;)

As soon as she can crawl to something and get a hold of it......

She's up! I tell ya she's growing by leaps and bounds these days; and as wonderful as it is it wears on me emotionally. When I was young I really only pictured myself with 1 or 2 kids ..... but now that I have two I have changed my tune. YES... I want more; but it's gonna take a miracle for my hubby to change his tune;lol

Friday, April 15, 2011

Rewind......27 weeks

Uhhhh, these last few weeks have just been NUTS! It seems like there just aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done. So, I'm gonna have to rewind to do a little to recap of week 27 for my Kinley bugs! Friday night we were leaving Nana's house and Mr. Dennis said bye bye Kinely and she waved back at him. I am telling you we all SCREAMED when she did it which scared the mess out of her;ha! I really worried that I wouldn't enjoy "the firsts" with my second child, but I tell ya it's just as exciting as it was with M.C.! She is also crawling just a bit; she can move one arm and one leg and the she usually wipes out; wont be long now!!!!!

27 weeks oldSuch a big, sweet smile! She is still the happiest baby! I love that when she smiles her entire face wrinkles up; make me smile from head to toe! M.C. wanted in on the pictures!

M.C. kept getting so mad that Kinely did want to sit up and take pictures. She kept saying.... "Momma tell her to sit still!" Cracked me up!And Kinley got her first taste of squash this week and loved it! She's gonna be a big veggie eater just like her sister!
Saturday was too pretty to waste so we head to deer camp to let M.C. do a little fishing. She was so excited to go; she hugged up Kinley and was telling her all about deer camp and Kinley just lit up! Oh the girls have turned me into a weeping mess I tell ya!
Kinley's first trip to deer camp! She pretty much just hung out on the porch, it was just to hot for her to be out in the direct sun. But, she didn't mind one bit!She had a blast playing with the cold water bottle; think she have herself a little bath with it;lol!

43 months

Two weeks ago my baby girl turned 43 months old. I can't believe that in less than 5 months I will have a 4 year old; it just doesn't seem possible. It even sounds weird to say "a 4 year old." She has recuperated from her surgery like a champ! She is now back to school, gymnastics and a regular diet!43 month picture........ with a chocolate mouth, was her first time to get to eat something hard and she chose M&M's of course;lol!

This last month she has really gotten into cooking. She LOVES to help me or Nana cook and she's pretty dang good at it if I say so myself!

It has been SUPER windy these last 2 weeks, so Daddy took M.C. to get her very own kite. To say she loves it is an understatement. As soon as the wind kicks up she starts hollering for somebody to get her kite out.
LOVE this pic! Such excitement in her eyes when she gets to hold the kite!
And she is still the world's best big sister! She loves to help feed Kinley and as you can see it's a MESSSSSSSY process!
This past Saturday we loaded up and headed to deer camp to go fishing. M.C. had a blast fishing with her daddy! It was so heart warming to watch them together!My baby quickly turning into my big girl!A little instruction from DaddyAnd I love this one too; she's giving him that "Now daddy" look!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My 6 month old

Friday our Kinley bugs celebrated her 1/2 birthday. OMG it just can't be possible... she's already 6 months old. When Micah Claire was born time flew but for some reason Kinley's months are flying by even faster. I'm telling you some days I just fall out crying when I realize how much time has already past. She is changing everyday and learning something new everyday; its unbearable on this mommy's heart! She had her 6 month check on Friday; she was 16#12 and 26 3/4 inches long. I pulled M.C's 6 month stats and she was 16#13oz and 26 3/4 inches too; it's so eerie how much they resemble one another and how their measurements are almost exact! My sweet girl also got her stinky 6 month shots. She did great with her previous shots.... but not this time, they really did her in. She was super cranky all day, ran a slight fever and even had a few big spit ups. I HATE SHOTS!!!! I wish someone would come up with an easier way to provide our sweet babies with protection other than injections!!!! My 6 month old girl!!!!

Love ya Kinley Bugs!!!!
This week we started offering her a sippy cup of water at dinner time and she did really good!Last week we started offering her oatmeal and she LOVED it!!!!
She even wanted to feed herself! ( I would have never let M.C. do this and get this messy, but this time around it just doesn't bother me as much)

On Monday Kinley got her first taste of sweet peas and.........
she was over the moon about them!!!!
And tonight she got her first taste of carrots and really liked them too! She especially loves when M.C. feeds her! M.C. is the world's greatest big sister. These two girls my heart go