Friday, April 22, 2011

28 weeks

YES, Kinley turned 29 weeks today, and YES I am just now getting to post her 28 weeks. YES, I am behind again. Life has been super hectic lately with two kids, a husband who's been out of town on business, and working 2 part time jobs. Don't get me wrong I am SOOOO very grateful for my life, my family, and my jobs but it's a little overwhelming at times. We have 2 mini vacations coming up soon and I haven't even had time to book anything for them; uhhhh! I am hoping the Easter Bunny brings me a personal assistant;lol!

It's getting super hard to get a picture of Kinley sitting still! She is constantly on the go!She officially crawled across her room Monday night. I think Micah Claire was more excited than me; she is Kinley's personal cheerleader!

Such a sweet smile!!!!!!
Last week Kinley started pulling on everything! Can ya tell she's proud of herself ;)

As soon as she can crawl to something and get a hold of it......

She's up! I tell ya she's growing by leaps and bounds these days; and as wonderful as it is it wears on me emotionally. When I was young I really only pictured myself with 1 or 2 kids ..... but now that I have two I have changed my tune. YES... I want more; but it's gonna take a miracle for my hubby to change his tune;lol