Friday, April 15, 2011

43 months

Two weeks ago my baby girl turned 43 months old. I can't believe that in less than 5 months I will have a 4 year old; it just doesn't seem possible. It even sounds weird to say "a 4 year old." She has recuperated from her surgery like a champ! She is now back to school, gymnastics and a regular diet!43 month picture........ with a chocolate mouth, was her first time to get to eat something hard and she chose M&M's of course;lol!

This last month she has really gotten into cooking. She LOVES to help me or Nana cook and she's pretty dang good at it if I say so myself!

It has been SUPER windy these last 2 weeks, so Daddy took M.C. to get her very own kite. To say she loves it is an understatement. As soon as the wind kicks up she starts hollering for somebody to get her kite out.
LOVE this pic! Such excitement in her eyes when she gets to hold the kite!
And she is still the world's best big sister! She loves to help feed Kinley and as you can see it's a MESSSSSSSY process!
This past Saturday we loaded up and headed to deer camp to go fishing. M.C. had a blast fishing with her daddy! It was so heart warming to watch them together!My baby quickly turning into my big girl!A little instruction from DaddyAnd I love this one too; she's giving him that "Now daddy" look!