Sunday, April 3, 2011

My 6 month old

Friday our Kinley bugs celebrated her 1/2 birthday. OMG it just can't be possible... she's already 6 months old. When Micah Claire was born time flew but for some reason Kinley's months are flying by even faster. I'm telling you some days I just fall out crying when I realize how much time has already past. She is changing everyday and learning something new everyday; its unbearable on this mommy's heart! She had her 6 month check on Friday; she was 16#12 and 26 3/4 inches long. I pulled M.C's 6 month stats and she was 16#13oz and 26 3/4 inches too; it's so eerie how much they resemble one another and how their measurements are almost exact! My sweet girl also got her stinky 6 month shots. She did great with her previous shots.... but not this time, they really did her in. She was super cranky all day, ran a slight fever and even had a few big spit ups. I HATE SHOTS!!!! I wish someone would come up with an easier way to provide our sweet babies with protection other than injections!!!! My 6 month old girl!!!!

Love ya Kinley Bugs!!!!
This week we started offering her a sippy cup of water at dinner time and she did really good!Last week we started offering her oatmeal and she LOVED it!!!!
She even wanted to feed herself! ( I would have never let M.C. do this and get this messy, but this time around it just doesn't bother me as much)

On Monday Kinley got her first taste of sweet peas and.........
she was over the moon about them!!!!
And tonight she got her first taste of carrots and really liked them too! She especially loves when M.C. feeds her! M.C. is the world's greatest big sister. These two girls my heart go



Mandy said...

All of this pics a sooo cute! One thing I did for shots was spread them out. Just got one at a time. Had to make more trips to the doctors office, but they seemed to handle it better. And you don't have to wait around, the nurse just calls you make and gives them the shots.