Friday, April 15, 2011

Rewind......27 weeks

Uhhhh, these last few weeks have just been NUTS! It seems like there just aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done. So, I'm gonna have to rewind to do a little to recap of week 27 for my Kinley bugs! Friday night we were leaving Nana's house and Mr. Dennis said bye bye Kinely and she waved back at him. I am telling you we all SCREAMED when she did it which scared the mess out of her;ha! I really worried that I wouldn't enjoy "the firsts" with my second child, but I tell ya it's just as exciting as it was with M.C.! She is also crawling just a bit; she can move one arm and one leg and the she usually wipes out; wont be long now!!!!!

27 weeks oldSuch a big, sweet smile! She is still the happiest baby! I love that when she smiles her entire face wrinkles up; make me smile from head to toe! M.C. wanted in on the pictures!

M.C. kept getting so mad that Kinely did want to sit up and take pictures. She kept saying.... "Momma tell her to sit still!" Cracked me up!And Kinley got her first taste of squash this week and loved it! She's gonna be a big veggie eater just like her sister!
Saturday was too pretty to waste so we head to deer camp to let M.C. do a little fishing. She was so excited to go; she hugged up Kinley and was telling her all about deer camp and Kinley just lit up! Oh the girls have turned me into a weeping mess I tell ya!
Kinley's first trip to deer camp! She pretty much just hung out on the porch, it was just to hot for her to be out in the direct sun. But, she didn't mind one bit!She had a blast playing with the cold water bottle; think she have herself a little bath with it;lol!


Loretta John said...

The kids' smiles are just oh-so-priceless? They surely know how melt their momma's heart, don't they? As soon as Kinley has her baby teeth, even cuter smiles won't be at all surprising. MC never stops being adorable, too.