Friday, May 27, 2011

33 & 34 weeks

Of course I'm behind on blogging again....but this time I gotta really good excuse. Or air condition went out last Thursday night. We woke up Friday morning to a 85 degree house and within a few hours it was up to 88 degrees. It was just to hot for us to stay in our house so we loaded up and spent the entire weekend at Nana's! We are so blessed that she lives so close and doesn't mind us bunking over! The entire air condition thing was a might mare but to warranty issues and a bunch of other junk. So it was Wednesday night at 9:30pm before the guys could start working on the unit and it was 2:45 am before then finished. I felt terrible they worked so late but was soooo very appreciative that they did! We are now back home and loving our 72 degree home!!!! Enough about that...on to my little Kinley bugs! These are her pictures from Last Friday when she turned 33 weeks old. She is now waving and saying bye-bye all the time; she also says Momma and dadda to each of us respectively when we enter or leave the room; and she's starting to making do little kiss faces!

Kinley back in the curtains; this her new favorite place to play!

When the air guys came they went into the attic and she had a blast pulling up on the attic stairs!

And today she is 34 weeks old! She has cut 2 more teeth over the last week or so and she hasn't been too fussy at all! This week we added a bed time snack, a rice mum mum, and she loves it!!! And we stopped nursing before we go to sleep! A few nights a week she'll sleep all night but most nightly she wakes up between 1:30 and 3:30 to nurse. Her clogged tear duct opened for over two weeks and I really thought we had it licked.... that's what I get for thinking;ha! But this week it got bad again. It's been watering a ton and now it's back to being matted shut whens she wakes up. She hates it (which I can't blame her) and now she claws at it..... which has lead to her first scratch :(

Her doctor says at her 9 month check up, if it's still not better, we will make a plan to go in and surgically open it. I hope and pray it opens and heals all by itself and we don't have to have surgery! She's just tooooo little to have to go through that.

This week she has stood and balanced on her feet for 20-30 seconds at a time. She occasionally tries to pick a foot up but she hasn't yet tired to take a step with it. If she only knew how her life would change if she would just take that step;ha!