Friday, May 6, 2011

44 months

Wednesday my Claire Bear turned 44 months old. Yep, I'm still counting months and I really don't know if I'll ever stop;lol! I take Kinley's picture every Friday because she was born on a Friday. Lately M.C. has been asking why I don't take her picture every Friday too. I had to explain to her that I took her picture every Tuesday for an entire year and then I moved to monthly pictures. She ask me all the time.... Momma when is it the birthday month for me; makes me laugh every time she says it. SO finally Wednesday May 4th rolled around and it was her turn. She wanted to take pictures in Kinley's chair and in front of the window (the two places Kinley took her 30 week pics).My 44 month old! YIKES that 4th birthday is getting closer every day :(Kinely was trying to get in her pictures and I kept saying NO Kinley this is for big girls born on the 4th and it tickled M.C. that I was "getting on to Kinley!" TOO CUTE!The we had to move to a picture in front of the curtain. I tired to get her to sit in the floor like Kinley did, but she said that was for babies; GO FIGURE, ha! Then we had to take a few outside!